Sex, Shite, Shock and a Few Celebs

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That’s all the people want to read 😀 (With the exception of a few intellectuals interested in the love life of Slavoj Zizek, and a handful of people interested in politics and Google Earth oddities).

Here is the top 14 of the past 370 days of traffic on my blog:

Two Girls One Cup – a Plot Synopsis 27,384

Two Girls One Finger – a Plot Summary 21,362

Oops, she did it again: Britney naked (y 3,802

Britney's ass and nipples 1,297

The Britney Spears Video from VMAS! (Plu 1,246

Slavoj Žižek's wives 1,244

Elections in France: the results 1,191

My five favourite Google Earth Oddities 1,018

Naked little dead man 711

"End Guantanamo" banner for your blog! 494

Google Earth erases Google Earth odditie 449

Kareena & Paris: Twins Separated at 429

Film mit Ablaufdatum: Muttertag 389

About 383

The 2G1C and 2G1F summaries almost tripled my blog stats in only six weeks (but it’s poor quality traffic – high number of page impressions, low degree of engagement and interaction). Let’s look at the positive aspects: Almost 500 page impressions for the End Guantanamo banner download page!

Two Girls One Finger – a Plot Summary

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Internet viewers are still in a state of catatonia after Two Girls One Cup, and here is the next shock video: Two Girls One Finger. The craze follows the same principle: Few sources let you know what it’s about, but loads of people put up reaction videos. Here are a few attempts of a plot summary, so that you’ll know what it’s about without having to watch it yourself:

Q: Does anyone have a good explanation of two girls one, similar to the explanation for the one with the cup?… so I know what I’m getting myself into?
A: umm, just think about how penguins feed their babies. [Note: Penguins feed their babies with regurgitated food they have stored previously in their stomach – I suppose this means that 2G1F involves even more puking than 2G1C – Source is deleted]

The “Two Girls One Finger” video is pretty much all of the same scenes from Two Girls One Cup. Same ‘fun’, same ‘substances’, 2 more girls, minus the infamous ‘cup’. The only real difference is, that the stars are Japanese girls, and the soundtrack is set to Yodeling music, opposed to classical music featured on the Two Girls One Cup video. Still, I don’t think the music matters considering the images burned into my brain forever and ever now. [Source]

As if the chaos created by “Two Girls and One Cup” video was not enough we now have competition of sorts on hand. There is a new video that has just hit Youtube. It is called Two Girls One Finger video and this is similar in flavor(pun intended) to the stuff in the 2 Girls 1 Cup video. It is equally disgusting like the ” 2 Girls and 1 Cup video” if not more. [Source]

Watch this reaction on Youtube to hear a bit of the soundtrack of Two Girls One Finger – yodeling and sounds that could have emanated from a water hose.

I ain’t gonna watch this one either…

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