A Collection of Downloadable Twitter-Papers

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Though Twitter only went public in July 2006 (according to Wikipedia, though many papers such as Java et al 2007 cite October 2006 as the launch date) quite an amount of Twitter research has already been published. Here is an overview of downloadable papers – please let me know if you find anything else.

P.S: Some of these papers can only be downloaded from a (university) library. If you have access to the network of Vienna University, you need to establish a VPN connection through univpn.univie.ac.at/. Login, select AnyConnect, establish VPN trough the browser or download the VPN client if the browser connection doesn’t work smoothly.

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I am afraid people are going to die during the Football World Cup in South Africa

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Having spent about 20 months of my life in South Africa, I have lately become very concerned about the Football World Cup going there – yes, it’s a great opportunity for the rainbow nation to show its spirit and beauty to the world, but how are they going to manage to keep crime and violence under covers during those weeks? And the latest statement of South Africa’s deputy security minister doesn’t sound like police is trained and prepared for deescalation, rather the opposite:

South Africa’s deputy security minister has told police how to tackle rampant crime in their cities: “kill the bastards”, and do not worry about regulations.

“You must kill the bastards if they threaten you or the community,” Susan Shabangu, told a local police forum in Pretoria.

“I want to assure the police station commissioners and policemen and women that they have permission to kill these criminals.

“You must not worry about the regulations. That is my responsibility. Your responsibility is to serve and protect,” she added.

“I won’t tolerate any pathetic excuses for you not being able to deal with crime. You have been given guns, now use them. I want no warning shots. You have one shot and it must be a kill shot.”

Read more here (Telegraph UK) and here Mail & Guardian, South Africa.

Incredibly cute hedgehog!

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Now that I’ve got a job where I get paid for writing and blogging, I am really not in the mood to write something on my own blog anymore – but I can still post cuteness! This hedgehog, for instance, is incredible! What is he/she cracking – m&ms (hopefully not)? Nic-Nacs (hopefully neither)? Doesn’t look like a healthy treat for an animal – but cute nonetheless!
Hey, what’s going on here? The video says “no longer available, but it is – on youtube itself. Some not very smart person (i.e. the person who uploaded the video and who thinks that nobody else should benefit from it has blocked its inclusion. Thanks for spoiling our social web experience, silly!

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