Butchery Galore! 6/40

February 26, 2007 at 8:51 am | Posted in Culture, Food, Lent, Religion | 13 Comments

This flickr photoset might meanwhile have become a meme on the web: A sacrifice of 2000 pigs, neatly dressed and decorated, to invoke the complacency of the deity General Chao of Wudeh temple at a temple festival in Jendeh, southern Taiwan, 19 Jan 2007. This is my favourite picture from the set – it makes you wonder whether they do something with the carcasses to make the pigs smile.

Smiling dead pigs

LentA Lenten comment (Day 6): Well, good that I am not eating meat at the moment anyway. This is probably hearsay, but when people begin a conversation about vegetarianism, they tend to discuss the different types of meat at one point. Pork is the one that is dissed most in these conversations (although probably eaten the most in Europe). At that point someone might say: “Biologically, man and pig are very close. They even have the same meat and the same insuline. That’s why diabetics shouldn’t eat pork.” This is ususally greeted with nodding by the rest. It might be utter rubbish, but I believe I have heard this argument at least half a dozen of times.

Lent: Day 2 of 40

February 22, 2007 at 10:13 pm | Posted in Consumerism, Food, Lent, Lifestyle, Religion | 6 Comments

LentLent is going to be harder on me than I initially expected. I am about to meet a colleague in an hour in a restaurant and I won’t drink alcohol (!). But that’s what I wanted.

Up to this moment, this is what I consumed in the course of this day:

  • a pot of black tea with milk (no sugars)
  • a small bowl of oat meal (no sugar)
  • a serving of cottage cheese
  • four hardboiled eggs (on offer, as Easter is coming)
  • a banana (fruit sugar must be allowed – what’ s funny is that I couldn’t eat bananas as a teenager with an eating disorder; I was too afraid they would give me constipation;-) I actually only started eating them again about a year ago. I had practically forgotten about the existence of bananas)

And I really like the wines that they have in the place we are going to… (Gabriel’s Cucina)… money could buy me things… but I will desist!

EDIT: I survived, but picking from the menu alone is more difficult than it was when I was ‘just’ a vegetarian. Find a meal that has neither sugar nor meat in it! And they had a fresh redcurrant soup for starters today, sigh. The baby turbot with black rice also sounded divine, but I felt that it was unappropriate to indulge in such a treat if one meant to take lent seriously. Instead, I had a salad for starters and very wholesome spaghetti with potatoes, hot sauce and parmegiano, mineral water to drink – and an espresso without sugar to finish:-( All the food was really really nice – I need to think of taking my mother there one day.

40 days is a long time – but the last time that I didn’t drink alcohol for 40 days was probably before I started drinking at all (i.e. around 15 – probably the average age for a German… back in the days, that is). And as you can see in the top right corner, I have even created my own Lent logo now;-) I have to be careful, or the Christian fundamentalists will begin hanging around this page (interesting though how any engagement with Christian practices holds the danger of leading to unwanted affiliations).

Fighting Consumerism with Lent

February 21, 2007 at 10:44 pm | Posted in Consumerism, Food, Lent, Lifestyle, Religion | 2 Comments

noun [U]
in the Christian religion, the 40 days before Easter, a period during which, for religious reasons, some people stop doing particular things that they enjoy:
The children have promised to give up sweets for Lent. [CALD]

I am giving up sugar, alcohol and meat for Lent. I have never given up anything for Lent before, but considering the role that the addiction to consumerism played in a couple of discussions I was involved with or had with myself, it can hardly do harm to learn to give up things. The 40 days before Easter are nothing but a welcome opportunity, and also a reason that one can offer if people ask why one declines their Mousse au Chocolat, and a better reason than saying that one wants to shed some weight.

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