My First Slideshare: The Semantics of Cute

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Here are my slides from the 21st FFK (Colloquium in Film and Television Studies – media studies more or less subsumed) 2008, where I gave a presentation with a friend on the Semantics of Cute, covering, I Can Has Cheezburger? and video memes like the Dramatic Prairiedog – regrettably, only speakers of German can be treated to the semantics of cute… btw, I just noticed that Slideshare also offers the opportunity to record audio with your slide – I might dabble with that (if only I had more time on my hands…)

Short pit stop, then off to Weimar

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I’ll be very tired and happy when this month is over. I am/was working on several projects at a time, and in combination with my academic and professional commitments was left with very little time just to myself (and my boyfriend) or just to wind down… On Friday I left Salzburg, where I participated as one of the communications people in the kick-off meeting for the KIWI – Knowledge in a Wiki project. On Saturday I flew to Frankfurt (almost missed my flight) and took a train to my mom’s and brother’s village – that’s where I am right now. Tomorrow, I’ll take another train to Weimar, to attend the 21st Colloquium of Young Researchers in Film and Media Studies – with a friend, I am going to present a paper investigating the relations between cuteness, violence and participative online communities. It’s probably going to be the funniest presentation I was ever involved in:-)

Hopefully we won’t be faced with too many raised eyebrows – I am not so sure whether online media are really accepted as something worth dealing with in media studies – seems like each medium has to fight for its place anew (in spite of the fact that even the most traditional or high-culture oriented academics in this area know that the same has happened to film and television before….)

While we’re at it: The Lolcats had their own panel on SXSW 2008 last weekend! Rocketboom made a video about it:

Time flies

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I can’t believe the four days in Salzburg dedicated to the KIWI kick-off are already nearly over, will be coming home late today though. Speaking about LENT: no, I didn’t keep my own promises, and considering that there is another conference coming up on Monday, I don’t think it is very likely that I am goin to pick up my “Lent routine” again. And next weekend after that is Easter holiday already – dammit…

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