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4 Girls Finger Paint: Summary & Critique

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Who’d have thought: The internet burped and yanked out was yet another shock scat video. The name already gives it’s story line away: Four girls. Finger paint.

I watched it. It’s not worth seeing. Here is the summary so that you won’t have to watch it (scroll down for URL if you think you must follow the trend anyway):

Two girls kneel on the floor, holding a third one down who is lying on her back with her feet raised to meet her ears. A fourth girl squats over the one lying down and takes a shit right on top of the other’s poophole (the feces do not look real – if they are that lady must have a problem with her intestines). Then she licks it from her ass. Then she vomits on top of the mess. Then they all huddle together and paint circles on each other’s belly using the, er, ‘edible’ finger paint. In the great finale, one throws up, using the other’s throat as a bucket.

That’s it. I covered the screen with my fingers to block out the more unpleasant parts because I don’t think I need to expose my soul to all the shit that’s flying around. I am easily offended by such things, but nonetheless I wasn’t nearly as shocked as I feared I would be. If you consider it one big stunt it’s bearable: If you consider, for instance, that if the pooping one had had a proper enema administered before the insertion of the chocolate mousse (with flakes:-) into her colon, the whole thing would hardly be less hygienic than kissing someone who hasn’t brushed his or her teeth in three days (I actually think that the latter would be worse).

What’s more interesting here: Filming reaction videos to shock videos seems to have become a favorite pastime among the digital semi-natives – and because people love it so much, there is hardly going to be an end put to the trend. With this one now, I think we can be fairly sure that it is NOT the case that this is a popular porn genre – but rather that it is a genre of its own: not meant to please people with a peculiar organization of their libido, but to shock people who like getting shocked and make a video of themselves, showing their devastation.

More shock videos will emerge, so what. My favorite, very hyperbolic (because it it is part of his business to be hyperbolic) reaction video is that from celebrity blogger and queen of all media Perez Hilton. You need to watch it with sound.


The original video is to be found at 4 girls finger paint dot com. You type in the URL if you really want to see it. It’s not worth it.

More summaries of recent shock videos:
Two girls one cup
Two girls one finger

How Many Email Accounts Does One Need? – Plus a Word of Praise for Netvibes

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Today I registered my fifth Gmail account. I am not greedy – I really need all of them. And I’ve got an additional one on GMX that costs me 2 Euros a month and allows me to send text messages/SMS and faxes to Germany.

I use the GMX-account for all things Amazon, Ebay, etc and for the job news letters for which I have subscribed. I am also using it for my “business liaisons”, yet am not quite happy with that. For one, I don’t really like GMX’s look and feel (they are working on an interface with an AJAX-appeal, but even that sucks), and also, this email address has a .de extension which occasionally leads to confusion in Austria, as GMX also offers .at accounts. So I might abandon it at one point.

Then I have got my cherished first Gmail account, which I try to use ONLY for human to human communication, featuring my real name. I don’t want any spam or dead line/business related mail to show up on that one.

This is why I’ve got ANOTHER Gmail account that I use exclusively for registrations on websites that force a registration upon you (e.g. to use their customer support). This one uses a made up name.

I’ve got a third account on Gmail which I use for all my blog related communication needs. It gives away my first name.

Then there is my fourth account which uses a silly name, something like “Getting out of here” that I first used when I was looking for jobs to get out of my previous jobs. I might abandon that one.

And today I finally signed up for my fifth gmail account, which is an inversion of my real name. In Austria, it is (oddly) common to introduce oneself using the last name first: “Hello, I am Smith Julia”. Email addressed are often created following the same logic: Odd, but nobody here finds that bizarre.

This fifth email account I am going to put on a business card (just ordered 250 for free from, so that arbitrary people to whom I’ve given my card can email me, but with my first choice account staying free from business affairs.

The only aspect potentially annoying about Gmail in that respect is that you log in and out of your Google account any time that you change the email acccount. Would be cool if they did something about that, e.g. allowed you to designate a primary account, but I doubt that is going to happen.

Google has become less user-oriented of late, which is particularly manifest in the way they are going about your privacy in Google reader: If you decide to share an item, it is going to be accessible to everyone and their dog who is in your address book. They call the people in your address book “your friends” – who can really have 400+ friends? And what’s next – sharing all your Google documents with your “friends”? that’d be he “Kill Google App”.

That’s why I unsubscribed from my Google reader feeds. I am now using netvibes which also has better microchunking options – they really manage to squeeze all my feeds onto one screen and still it doesn’t look cluttered. You can even export your Google reader feeds and then import them to netvibes. Check it out!

100,000 hits!

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This morning my blog made it past the 100,000 hits mark!
100000 Hits

Sex, Shite, Shock and a Few Celebs

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That’s all the people want to read 😀 (With the exception of a few intellectuals interested in the love life of Slavoj Zizek, and a handful of people interested in politics and Google Earth oddities).

Here is the top 14 of the past 370 days of traffic on my blog:

Two Girls One Cup – a Plot Synopsis 27,384

Two Girls One Finger – a Plot Summary 21,362

Oops, she did it again: Britney naked (y 3,802

Britney's ass and nipples 1,297

The Britney Spears Video from VMAS! (Plu 1,246

Slavoj Žižek's wives 1,244

Elections in France: the results 1,191

My five favourite Google Earth Oddities 1,018

Naked little dead man 711

"End Guantanamo" banner for your blog! 494

Google Earth erases Google Earth odditie 449

Kareena & Paris: Twins Separated at 429

Film mit Ablaufdatum: Muttertag 389

About 383

The 2G1C and 2G1F summaries almost tripled my blog stats in only six weeks (but it’s poor quality traffic – high number of page impressions, low degree of engagement and interaction). Let’s look at the positive aspects: Almost 500 page impressions for the End Guantanamo banner download page!

Have yourselves a happy new year!

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I’ll be offline for a few days. Btw, anyone got an idea whether these are real rats, and if so whether their ears are real? Looks kinda scary. Their mouths all look the same, so they’re probably fake. I hope. Or another breakthrough in the cloning of mammals?


To All You Hate Bloggers Out There

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In particular those who are trying to leave abusive comments on this site:


If you post misogynist, racist, white race supremacist, or otherwise abusive messages on this blog, I will delete them and put you on the black list.

If you feel the need to rid yourself of such thoughts, please continue to do so elsewhere, ideally on the sites where those ideas originated.

What did the hate bloggers write on this blog?

Some suggested that all countries should set up their own Guantanamo camps, some that I be sent there. Others demanded that all women who haven’t/won’t/can’t give birth to a child have forfeited their right to existence. The suggestion was made that I’d better kill myself.

Such outbursts confirm that the use of racist, misogynist etc language and ideas – no matter how ironically and witty the people first circulating those ideas might have intended them – only furthers the prevalence of racism, misogynism, etc in our society.

The irresponsible intellectual uses them, the retards dumb them down and spread them.

A blog post is what I need (girls only)

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I’m really not very good at keeping up my daily blogging routine at the moment. Nothing noteworthy is happening, at the same time so many little things need my attention that I hardly get anywhere.

ONE of the interesting things though is that I am bleeding like a sheep, slaughtered the Halaal way… Who ever put the idea in my mind that the orc instrument reduces the mucous something in your uterus was wrong – it’s simply stopped from falling apart every month (or so it seems, judging from the insides now going outside… looks like a 5 months workload at least!)


Network Media = Media of Paranoia

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I’ve always claimed that network media such as the inter….

This is a post I’ve never completed – although it would be worthwhile following up the trajectories of network media and their capacity to induce paranoia, due to the ubiquitous connectivity they allow…

To read this blog, you have to have a high school degree

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The people who awarded me the CELTA certificate last year would be proud. Seems like I have meanwhile learned to grade my language:-)

cash advance

The blogs I read are for people from all walks of education:

Lenina is good for Junior High School (is that above or below High School?), Reelpopblog and Jetsam are on par with me (High School), Void is for Undergraduate Students, Nova and Lallopallo are for Elementary School, yet the smartest readership is required at Cabbage’s: appropriate for a Genius.

Comment spam is often frigging funny

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Or what do you make of this little bestiarium that has reached me via Akismet?

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There is no bubble

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Like many others today, I am going to bog about the “There is no bubble” video and say that the thing I like best about it is the line: “Blog even if you’re wrong, won’t you blog about this song?”

Blogging is not about being a grass roots journalist – it’s about being a minor voice in the mainstream or, at best, a main voice in the minority stream.

Blogging Cancelled Due to Insurmountable Workload

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It’s 5 to 10 pm and I have just returned from my first day of editorial training. Wow! It’s going to be tough, but as I had hoped for, there is also going to be plenty to learn. The workload for today – including homework – comprised:
_describing a person indirectly by describing the environment where he or she works. We were given two lines which had just one word different: “The waiter/waitress [Bedienung] shuffled from table to table” and “The waiter/waitress [Bedienung] fluttered from table to table.”
_compiling a list with synonyms of ‘to go’ (our group had 189)
_writing a short feature about the first day of the training (3000 characters)
_writing a newsflash about the first day of the training (10 lines)
_drafting a list with the deadly sins of journalistic writing
_starting on a presentation about possible multimedia products for the publishing house, due on Wednesday

This means: No time for blogging!

Back on the application dreadmill

September 25, 2007 at 11:14 am | Posted in Blogging | 10 Comments
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As of today, I started out again on writing applications. I had stopped after my erroneous assumption that I had found me a job – which unfortunately led to my letting pass the application deadline for a job with the Fulbright Commission that sounded interesting. So that’s one lesson learned – don’t stop applying until you’ve really started work on a job. And if you’re really keen on carving out a career for yourself, then probably don’t even stop until the probation period is over.

Also, in the age of the blogging era, you need to prepare for the event that the recruiter is going to copy excerpts of your covering letter and publish them on the blogosphere: This is something that friend Lenina just did – I guess the applicants in question can be grateful that she decided not to publish their names. More to the point, she probably thinks they should be grateful anyway, because she is only teaching them a valuable lesson.

I have known her for more than ten years now (RL, that is) and have been reading her blog for a while, but her tendency to reiterate her superiority in virtually every post she publishes has since long started to annoy me. It’s probably more annoying for me than for the average reader because I have been knowing her for such a long time and am therefore not inclined to bow down before her super-brain (but rather simply appreciate it for what it is – there are tons of intelligent people out there and I wouldn’t know why to single one out especially), or because I know her boyfriend and am therefore pretty alienated by the way he gets slagged off by her frequently.

I generally believe in kindness, even though I know that there are demons in all of us, also in me, and that there is a certain tendency in the human animal to make him or herself bigger than others, and also that this is an effective means to boost your own ego. But those methods are unsound, I think, truly unsound.

All in all: This also raises another issue, or at least leads me to the observation that a blogosphere persona and a real life person do of course not have to be the same (it’s understood they’re not!), and that it can be quite challenging if you know the two of them. After all, back in the days of the paper diary, you wouldn’t have wanted to read all your friends’ diaries either, would you?*

*) Maybe you would have wanted to, but I doubt you would enjoyed all of it. You don’t have to hear everything people are saying about you behind your back, I don’t think…

Hooray, real tags are there, but…

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WordPress finally has introduced tags that work like tags, i.e. as an addition the the categories used in the past. What’s the difference between categories and tags?

As best as I can explain it, categories are things you create ahead of time and only have a few of. Imagine them like sections of your site. The signs on aisles of grocery stores. Tags are one-off keywords attached to a post. You may add a tag to a post that you’ll never use ever again. Categories are meant to be permanent, tags are ephemeral. [Source]

Only problem being that I have used categories like tags in the past, as they were the only option. I have in a bout a year used almost 1000 different categories on my blog. I can now switch to tags, but the whole thing remains clumsy none the less, as I have those nearly 1000 labels in my categories’ list, and of course I have since long stopped scrolling, I just entered the categories I needed. But how to maintain a fairly narrow categories list if you don’t see them in front of you?

Too bad they didn’t just convert categories into tags (as many people used their categories like tags in the past) and added categories as a new feature 😦 Alternatively, an import/export function would have been good, to avoid this problem:

I had a lot of categories. Can I delete those and just use tags from now? What will happen to my existing posts?
You can delete them but all your posts will go into the default category. You will have to edit every post and add back the tags.

Posts with a default category are lost posts, by the standards of knowledge management.

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