Political Geek and Poke

July 15, 2008 at 7:08 am | Posted in Funny | 5 Comments
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Geek and Poke is my currently favourite nerd and dork carton – today they opted for political:-D

Geek and Poke


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  1. Nerd Bookmarks…

    Remmrit.com user has just tagged your post as nerd!…

  2. love it – just great

  3. My dear Jana..where are you??? Have you left blogging?? Hope all is well..

  4. hey, no, I haven’t, I am simply mainly blogging in German now, as I thought I’d be usin the blog as tool for my PhD – well, I kinda am, but not everything in it is substanstial: http://digiom.wordpress.com
    but it’s leaving me little time to continue blogging here. it’s just too much work too keep two blogs up.
    hey, have you seen that nova got hitched???

  5. Ok. Yes, I can understand how difficult it becomes to maitain a blog if you are very busy. Iam trying to do the same as you now..i.e try to use my blog as one of the tools for my more important goals..though I will keep blogging about regular stuff too , once in a while..
    Perhaps you can also come in here and write bits and pieces whenever you have time..because I wont be following your german blog for obvious reasons 🙂
    Yes, I know about Nova 🙂

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