If Europeans were to elect the American president

June 1, 2008 at 5:10 pm | Posted in Politics | 6 Comments
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then Senator Obama would soon move into the White House. An interesting, partially disturbing survey conducted by the British Telegraph revealed that Obama would receive 52%, whereas John McCain would only receive 15% of European votes. Further results of the survey:

A clear majority of Russians – 56 per cent – believe the US is a “force for evil” in the world. In Britain, only 33 per cent see America as a “force for good”. […]
Meanwhile, Mr Obama, the only consistent opponent of the Iraq war in the race for the presidency, commands a clear lead. He is especially popular in Italy, where a remarkable 70 per cent would vote for him if they could.

In France, historically the European country with the strongest anti-American sentiment, 65 per cent would back Mr Obama. In Germany, the Democratic Senator would get 67 per cent of the vote – while Mr McCain would receive a derisory six per cent. […]

The Telegraph poll found that Italy has overtaken Britain to become the most pro-American country out of Europe’s four largest nations. Almost half – 49 per cent – of Italians see America as a “force for good” with only 27 per cent believing Washington is a “force for evil”.

– This research, commissioned by Telegraph.co.uk, was carried out online between May 23 and 29 by YouGov plc. The total sample was 6,256 (broken down into Britain 2,241; France 1,005; Russia 1,001; Italy 1,004; Germany 1,005).

The complete article can be found here.


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  1. Wow.

    Who cares. They dont vote. I am sure they would have different leaders in some places if we voted in other elections.

  2. I am sure the results would be different, too, if Americans vote in France or Slovenians in Austria. That’s sort of the message of the article:-)

  3. Mcsame is going to be crushed in November. Obama is a paltry 40 delegates from the democratic nomination. He will be the next president. That Europe seems to like him augurs well.

  4. oh, I can’t wait!!!

  5. Euro_pea-ons need to worry about there own countries. Funny muslim immigrants control them, and were suppose to assume they were the ones actually surveyed. lol Please, I went to Europe, and I rarely met anybody who actually gave political opinions. Americans are not going to be liked anyways, for one reason they are just stupid!

  6. “Funny muslim immingrants control them” – oh, the paranoia. I think it’s funny to see that paranoids like you like to refer to muslims as though it were an alien species, instead of the global, and mainstream confession that it really is.

    And why is everyone forgetting that freedom of belief is one of the pillars of democratic constitutions?

    Where did you go in Europe, The Balneario?

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