April 29 is Kelsey Briggs Day (in Oklahoma, but it would be a good thing to have such a day in every country)

April 13, 2008 at 12:21 am | Posted in Politics | 12 Comments
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Sniff. I got this video from someone on Facebook, and received it with a warning: “This is a tear jerker”. It is, but should be watched anyway.

As a reminder that one should not look away when one notices signs of abuse (bruises, malnutrition, fractures) in a child (and one must hope that the youth council in charge is not as hesitant as the Youth Council in Bad Herself that I once called – to _absolutely_ no avail; the people there first announced to the family in question that they’d be paying them a visit soon (instead of making an announced visit immediately), and when they still found bruises on the child the left without taking action, feeling satisfied with the explanation that the kid ‘took a tumble’ – just thinking about it makes me so angry all over again…)


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  1. me and my friends will celebrate kelseys life here in blackpool england there was definately a miscarriage of justice for kelsey cant believe this abuse happened to her makes me cry rest little onex

  2. I know, it is such an incredible sadness – one can lose several nights of sleep over it.

  3. since i watched the you tube sights on kelsey it has been on my mind a lot i have a daughter whos 3 years old how can anyone hurt a child me and my daughters father argued a lot it wasnt nice for her so i broke up with him and took us back to my hometown i have been back home for two years now as a mum i protected my daughter why didnt kelseys mum protect her seeing as she wanted kelsey back home with her it hurts me to know how she was failed love to kelsey

  4. that was very brave of you – if more women had the courage, I am sure that things like the murder of Kelsey wouldn’t happen; I guess it usually happens when women have the feeling that they might not be respected as much without a husband, or when they already have spent a too long time in an abusive relationship that they fail to see what is really going on

  5. I myself came across this on Facebook many months ago.I have to be honest I cried for days over this,And was truley upset that I had seen the video clip ,But at the same time I have 5 children ranging from 23 to 9 and I could never of imagine conflicting such alwful pain on any of them.I work two jobs and remembered the 28.4. as kelsey briggs day 😦 I was doing a 9 hour shift and truley couldnt wait to get home just to let her know I loved her even though I didnt know her,I came home to a computer taken over with my 14 year old on msn . So I waited till today to say god bless you again beautiful little kelsey our familys love is with all your familys that are suffering xoxoxox

  6. i saw several videos about her on youtube….i get so torn up about it…i cry forever till no more tears will come out of my eyes…this little girl touched my heart greatly.
    i just dont get it that man should be in jail for LIFE…oh how i would love to re-open his case and send him to jail for life or just let me get my hands on him….i would break his legs and kick him in the stomach!!!!
    just think how bad it would hurt breaking your legs….you can endure it…BUT A 2 YEAR OLD CHILD?!?!?!?!??
    it makes me want to kick him HARD IN THE STOMACH AS WELL!!
    i really just cant describe how i am feeling…..
    its like i would do anything to take that little girls place…to let me be the one to die….i really would…and it hurts me that, that baby never had a chance…and she couldnt even do anything to dave herself…
    and the mother should feel just as bad as that “STEP-DAD”
    i want to get a group together to honor her on
    Oct. 25 (the day she passed away)

  7. After losing my job with an airline and continuing to pursue being a flight attendant. I had my 3rd interview with JetBlue for a bilingual position and was never asked anything in spanish after going through this and realizing i never had a chance i decided to pursue a different career. I want to be a social worker or work infamily services for abused and neglected children. being a minority and never having funds to go to college I cant stand by and keep letting people get away with hurting those who can not defend themselves. I will do what it takes to help those kids in need. watching Kelseys story killed me to think that someone can do that to a baby. i have 2 little sisters ages 2 and 4. I would kill who ever tried to hurt them plus my fiance is a Marine and will be deployed soon i would just die if he had to come home to bury his child. Kelseys mother and her husband should get life and since they didnt i hope they rot in hell. i hope those inmates brake their legs. God Bless Kelsey real father and his family. I will have my family join and make a big yard sign for Kelsey Briggs and leave it there not just for one day. I wish god blesses me with the ability and education to safe children from ever having to go through this.

  8. this is from the heart…that man should not be in jail for years…but be put on death sentence.he took the life of a little child, so he should have his life taken from him.i believe in…”an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” – Matthew 5: 38
    thats is so sad that he done that, and i bet he didnt even care that he killed this little angel, and how can a mother let this man hurt her own child.i may be 14, but now that i have heard this story, that i am scared for me and my little sister, scared that this could happen to us because my stepdad gets his moods alot

  9. When I heard about this little angle is just killed me it felt like my heart had stopped beating I cried and cried untill i couldnt no more.. I have 2 kids one is 2 and the other 4 months and if my kids have any bruises on them you best know I will be asking questions.. Thats a mothers job.. I dont think Raye Dan Smith should even be allowed out of jail she should have life to because you cant sit there and tell me she didnt know that any of this was going on… If she really cared for her daughter she would have turned him in for the 1st bruise she ever had.. I blame it on the mother cause she should have taken care of her child… They both will probably be murdered in jail or prison any ways alot of people dont take to kindly to child abuse. God Bless you angle and you real father and family.. You will for ever be in my thoughts I could never forget about you sweetie….

  10. i would have beat the living crap out if this man and let him suffer a while to let him feel the pain this little had to go threw!!!

  11. when i watched this video it made me wnat to throw up! it made me so sick. whoever did this to this little girl has ruined the life of someone that didnt do anything. i was so mad when i watched this video of kelsey’s true life. no one should have to suffer through anything like this.

  12. Kelsey Saturday will be held on April 24th 2010. This is my 5th year to organize the event. I hope you’ll consider joining us. To register, please visit http://www.brokenchild.org. We are the sister site to KelseysPurpose.org. Please help us make this year bigger and better!

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