How the Logo of the Beijing 2008 Olympics was born

April 7, 2008 at 8:57 pm | Posted in Globalization | 6 Comments
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Kinda evil – but probably truer than we would like to be true. How do you feel about the situation of Tibet and the Olympics taking place in Beijing this year? With all due respect for the importance of the games for the athletes and for putting China on the map of international sports – my gut feeling tells me that it would be more than justified if the Olympics were boycotted. Actually, if I had a free wish, that would be what I would wish for: that all countries would stand united and boycott the games. How can you just close your eyes and pretend politics and sports have got nothing to do together?

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  1. I agree that you cannot close your eyes and pretend that politics and sports have no connection. I also agree that China’s record of human rights hasnt been the best and there response to this whole Tibat episode is irritating to say the least.
    But, one thing which amuses me is that how come Tibetans started protesting vehemently so close to the olympics?? What were they doing for the last 50 years?
    Is it some sort of opportunism on their part to hit the nail at the right time to get all the world attention…?

  2. because the time has never been better? because the pressure has in creased over the past 50 years?

    I don’t know – what is wrong about opportunism if your freedom and live is at stake?

    although I don’t think China will take to well to international criticism – this whole damn losing your face thing…

  3. I was in London last week-end when the torch arrived there. I wanted to go to Whitechapel (part of the ‘torch route’), to protest against it.

    However, my BF wasn’t interested – he thought that protest shouldn’t ruin or ‘hijack’ what is in effect a sports event, meant to bring the whole world together to ‘fight’ each other peacefully.

    But that’s the whole point! How DARE China hold a fucking international peaceful combative sports event when they’re blatantly violating human rights, including forced sterilisation of women without anasthetic?

    I feel quite strongly about the Tibet – situation – it’s one that can politicise even the most apathetic. I just hope more pressure will be put on to the Chinese government from the West. It’s simply not acceptable 👿

  4. This is really really sad! I really dont know why we are making such a big fuss over this situation!

  5. […] I was trying to understand the logic behind wanting to boycott the 29th Summer Olympics, I read how the Olympics Logo had come into […]

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