Dang – Who Needs T-Mobile? (Rant)

March 19, 2008 at 7:43 am | Posted in Internet | Leave a comment
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I am writing these lines angrily on Frankfurt/Main Airport, but I am hacking them into a text document, not my wordpress dashboard. I am about to embark the plane back to Vienna, and it is the third time in two days that T-Mobile rickrolled me…. the equivalent to Rick Astley is T-Mobile themselves – they fooled my three times, making me unpack my Macbook upon getting sight of a WLAN sign; an unbranded WLAN sign, that is, so who would think that WLAN is not FREELAN, but the same stupid T-Mobile hotspot that is installed on ICE train, hotels and airports, and which you can only use if you’re willing to pay a ridonkulous sum of 8 EUROS for 60 mins. WTF??? If there was just a tiny bit of sense in their marketing people, then they’d set up free WLANs in areas in these areas – hotels, trains and airports, i.e. places you have to pay for entering anyway… THAT would be customer orientation. Shame on you, T-Mobile, for monopolizing public WLAN spaces in Germany, and shame on all you hotel owners, airport managers and the Deutsche Bahn of course, for allowing T-Mobile to plaster your facilities with their annoying magenta logo, and for not thinking of collaborating with one of the FREELAN providers like Freewave in Austria – don’t tell me they don’t have something similar in Germany? But shame twice on Frankfurt/Airport – because, in addition to a T-Mobile HotSpot, they are also host to numerous internet terminals, charging €0.35 per minute or €21 (!!!) per hour….

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