Perez Unsaid: “Disney Star Manager Is a Child Molester”

March 4, 2008 at 12:05 am | Posted in Blogging | 10 Comments
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Yes, I admit: Perez Hilton’s Blog is on my list of RSS feeds – and it has taught me a lot about the importance of always publishing publishable content. Here is the situation: As soon as you hit the ‘Publish’ button on your blogging software, feed readers such as Google Reader and Netvibes will begin to index the post you’ve just published. Quite often, however, the published version is not the one you intend to be the final one; I personally tend to apply quite a few changes after publication – I actually only start to proofread once I have published the post.

The obvious disadvantage of this procedure is that, if you’re unlucky, your changes won’t be reflected in the reader’s view of your blog post, because the first draft has already been cached by feed readers. And in the case of Perez Hilton’s blog post about Disney manager Josh Werkman’s pleading no contest (=die Aussage verweigern) to child molestation charges, we note that not not even deleted post will disappear from the feed reader’s radar. Here are two screenshots:

Disney Screen 1

The top one shows a preview of the deleted post on the welcome page. The second one shows that the post whose title was displayed as a preview on the welcome page is actually no longer available.

Disney Screen 2

The good thing about netvibes is that you can switch between a live and a cache mode, by hitting either ‘show website’ or ‘Go back to feed view’. The screen shots above were taken in live mode – after switching to cache mode, I was able to read the post that the Queen himself had already deleted:

Josh Werkman, who manages the star of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, has plead no contest to misdemeanor child molestation and misdemeanor sale of alcoholic beverage to a minor.

Who does Disney attract all the pervs????

Werkman has served as co-producer on two of Cole and Dylan’s recent movies, The Kings of Appletown and A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper. Aside from managing, he is also the CEO is Merimark Entertainment.

On Friday, Werkman entered his plea in Ventura County Superior Court and will be sentenced on Wednesday, April 2.

They better throw the book at him! And it better weigh a lot!

Steve Cron, Werkman’s lawyer, says “Josh admitted he annoyed an individual who is a minor and provided that person with alcohol on the day in question. He acknowledged that he used bad judgment on that occasion and that is why he pleaded no contest to the two charges.”

He “annoyed” a minor???


Sources say that the alleged victim is a 16-year-old male.

The Sprouse twins are not involved in the case, though they’ll probably be looking for a new very manager soon.

[Image via WENN]

Lesson learned: Think twice before you publish, and use the preview feature to proofread your blog post.

Of course this can also be considered a good strategy to leak information that you know you are not supposed to blog about, for political or economic reasons, for instance.



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  1. I used to read Perez 😛

    The reason he got rid of is likely to be that it was potentially libellous. I.e. Rufmord/Verleumdung. Josh Werkman’s lawyers could even have contacted him, demanding that he take it down immediately.

    I mean you can’t state as a fact that someone is a child molester, when this hasn’t been proven in court!

    I actually think Perez should know better not to post certain stuff – surely his blog is in the feed of hundreds of publicists and celeb agents…

  2. This is all Rubbish.. If you read it closely
    it says.. it was charged as “Annoyance”
    How is that a child molester?
    Perez.. Get a LIFE

  3. Dylan & Cole are good friends of mine,
    This is not true,.. The 16 year old that accused Josh Werkman of this. is a complete NUT JOB
    A frustrated wannabe actor..

  4. If you read it closely.. it says he was charged of
    “an Annoyance” how can that be
    Molestion.. Get it..
    ITs all BS

  5. This is only an annoyance charge.. Read the fine print.. Anyone can accuse people of anything
    This 16 year old kid needs to be beaten.. for accusing this man of this..

  6. I know the Sprouse family well and none of this is true.. Its all bad gossip.
    This is just another hollywood story that is here today and gone tomorrow.. so
    Perez: GET A LIFE

  7. Kauren, Shelly, Debra, Lauren – read closely: Perez did not publish this as permanent but deleted the post quickly after publication. However… these days, with fresh blog posts immediately cast to feed readers which automatically create a copy (and the text above was taken from that copy when the blog post had already disappeared), you just have to think twice before hitting the ‘publish’ button.

  8. This so called Manager needs to be locked up.
    He is obvously convicted which means there is HARD EVIDENCE of something this pervert did.. I hope
    April 2nd they throw away the key.
    How many kids has this guy touched that havent come forward…

  9. We have worked with Josh when he was an agent in New York City.This accusation is total B.S. He was definately flim-flamed.If you REALLY knew Josh, you would understand he is the most honest and respectful person. If you don’t know him personally..nothing should be said!!

  10. Read closely – I didn’t say anything about Josh. This was a post about Perez Hilton saying and “unsaying” something. Besides that: If there will be investigations, they’ll bring out the truth. It’s not as if a colleague is able to say whether someone is a child molester or not. That Austrian dude Fritzl locked up his daughter for 24 years and raped and fucked and fucked and raped her, and the neighbours still said they thought he was just a nice old man. Not even Fritzl’s WIFE suspected anything. So, for the possibe victim’s sake, don’t be so silly to take sides based on your view as a colleague or friend. Leave that to the investigators and court.

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