Adam Green on German TV

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Too bad I missed out on this on TV – I saw him once in a concert once. I quite like how Stefan Raab is using German (and the fact that A.G. supposedly (?) doesn’t understand German) to crack jokes in a potentially uncomfortable situation.

If you have racist friend, now is the time for your friendship to end

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Just a reminder.

If you have a racist friend
Now is the time, now is the time for your friendship to end

Be it your sister
Be it your brother
Be it your cousin or your, uncle or your lover

If you have a racist friend
now is the time, now is the time for your friendship to end… Continue Reading If you have racist friend, now is the time for your friendship to end…

Woo Yay – Zemanta! Automatic Links and Pictures For Your Blog Entry!

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This is great news! In February, I wrote for the first time about the Zemanta browser plug-in which was supposed to allow you to enhance your blog’s content by automatically suggesting links (e.g. to Wikipedia or news pages) and pictures (e.g. on Flickr), based on a semantic analysis of your text. Today Andraz from Zemanta notified me that they went live – and the working version is even cooler than the demo they had on their website in February: In February, you had to enter text and hit a button to ‘zemify’ the text – but the current Zemanta comes as a WordPress plug-in. Every 300 characters as you type the plug-in is going to suggest further links and tags which you can apply all at once or by clicking on them – and that is of course MUCH MUCH more convenient than going to a website, copying the URL, highlighting the word and hitting the link button in WP.

The next cool feature is that a side bar shows related content (articles and pictures) on the web – which you can simply add to your blog post by, again, simply clicking on them. Extremely cool!

But of course there are a number of glitches in this early version (and how wouldn’t there be any, as they need feedback to improve):

  • The amount of code that is added to your blog entry is a bit intimidating. Adding links runs smoothly, as those links are added to text you’ve already written – but it would be cool to be given the opportunity to decide whether one wants their ‘rich’ links (with title, relation and class attributes) or just plain ones.
  • A little footer, explaining that the text was enhanced with Zemanta, is automatically added. Might sound fair enough – but it would be nicer if that were a voluntary option and didn’t happen automatically. Of course you can still remove that footer – but having to opt out is not the same as voluntarily opting in.
  • Adding a picture also automatically adds more code (span tags with e.g. margin attributes) than seems necessary – I’d rather have a plain image link (where I can easily define the size of the image myself by specifying width and alignment) than those six (!) lines of code that are pasted into my editor at the moment. It just takes far too long to scan this huge amount of information to see how it can be altered.
  • The quality of link and tag suggestions can still be improved (of course); ‘URL’ or ‘the web’ and actually not even ‘Flickr’ (because everyone knows Flickr, right?) are not a tremendous enhancement in the link department. Maybe they’ll be able to track which suggestions are used and which aren’t, and are thus able to identify the empty ones (in the same way that Google disregards ‘a’ or ‘the’ in searches). What’s going to be more difficult is to automatically identify which PHRASES should be linked – as most people (I think? I do) tend to link phrases, and not just single words. Most links in this post, and all pictures, were automatically added by Zemanta.
  • Final suggestion: The image gallery is nearly to small to assess whether the suggested images are suitable or not – but I wouldn’t know how to make them much smaller really. What’s great though is that it automatically shows which pictures you have already used and which you haven’t – so that you can automatically remove the used ones by hitting ‘minus’ in the gallery preview. At the moment, the gallery suggestions only vaguely correspond to my content – it’d probably easier if I wrote about kitten and horseys though.

That much about my feedback. I’ll keep testing Zemanta for while, and am keen to see how it is going to improve over the next weeks!

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Meet my here at My FaceSpace

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But what I do have is this: A video showing “My FaceSpace – The Musical” – this is not the recording from our panel discussion on privacy in social media on Wednesday, but the same piece and artists: Monochrom from Vienna.

The video above was filmed at last year’s Big Brother Awards.

I’m not a good blogger

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Worst Site EverI have been neglecting my blog greatly – even though there would have been soooo many things to write about and post (e.g. a panel discussion I hosted; the articles that were written about it; the link to the online streaming window; the plans to launch a club for media studies folks doing research in digital media; the joys of Easter).

But: I just didn’t get around to it.

And I still don’t like linking this blog with my real name. That’s the main reason, actually.

Yay! I predicted a Viral Video trend!

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Seems like scrutinizing the Viral Video chart twice a week is finally paying off (on the level of my analytic capabilities, that is)! In January I wondered whether the bunny rabbit meltdown had already made it into the viral video chart – it hadn’t but now it has finally entered. It’s #9 as we speak – of course it needed Easter to make it break through:-)

Happy Easter, Everyone!

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My current condition can only be described as beautifully bloated – my Lent resolution already faltered two weeks ago, and since the 7th of March all I have been doing was eating and drinking. The Easter weekend is, not unexpectedly, driving things to yet another extreme – I feel like never eating anything again… (ask me again in two hours when dinner is inevitably going to be served though…)

P.S. This is insane! I had started this blog in autumn 2006… on January 8, 2008 it made it past the 100,000 hits bench-mark – yet at one point during this Easter holiday (i.e. not even 3 months later) it cracked the 200,000!

My First Slideshare: The Semantics of Cute

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Here are my slides from the 21st FFK (Colloquium in Film and Television Studies – media studies more or less subsumed) 2008, where I gave a presentation with a friend on the Semantics of Cute, covering, I Can Has Cheezburger? and video memes like the Dramatic Prairiedog – regrettably, only speakers of German can be treated to the semantics of cute… btw, I just noticed that Slideshare also offers the opportunity to record audio with your slide – I might dabble with that (if only I had more time on my hands…)

Dang – Who Needs T-Mobile? (Rant)

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I am writing these lines angrily on Frankfurt/Main Airport, but I am hacking them into a text document, not my wordpress dashboard. I am about to embark the plane back to Vienna, and it is the third time in two days that T-Mobile rickrolled me…. the equivalent to Rick Astley is T-Mobile themselves – they fooled my three times, making me unpack my Macbook upon getting sight of a WLAN sign; an unbranded WLAN sign, that is, so who would think that WLAN is not FREELAN, but the same stupid T-Mobile hotspot that is installed on ICE train, hotels and airports, and which you can only use if you’re willing to pay a ridonkulous sum of 8 EUROS for 60 mins. WTF??? If there was just a tiny bit of sense in their marketing people, then they’d set up free WLANs in areas in these areas – hotels, trains and airports, i.e. places you have to pay for entering anyway… THAT would be customer orientation. Shame on you, T-Mobile, for monopolizing public WLAN spaces in Germany, and shame on all you hotel owners, airport managers and the Deutsche Bahn of course, for allowing T-Mobile to plaster your facilities with their annoying magenta logo, and for not thinking of collaborating with one of the FREELAN providers like Freewave in Austria – don’t tell me they don’t have something similar in Germany? But shame twice on Frankfurt/Airport – because, in addition to a T-Mobile HotSpot, they are also host to numerous internet terminals, charging €0.35 per minute or €21 (!!!) per hour….

Short pit stop, then off to Weimar

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I’ll be very tired and happy when this month is over. I am/was working on several projects at a time, and in combination with my academic and professional commitments was left with very little time just to myself (and my boyfriend) or just to wind down… On Friday I left Salzburg, where I participated as one of the communications people in the kick-off meeting for the KIWI – Knowledge in a Wiki project. On Saturday I flew to Frankfurt (almost missed my flight) and took a train to my mom’s and brother’s village – that’s where I am right now. Tomorrow, I’ll take another train to Weimar, to attend the 21st Colloquium of Young Researchers in Film and Media Studies – with a friend, I am going to present a paper investigating the relations between cuteness, violence and participative online communities. It’s probably going to be the funniest presentation I was ever involved in:-)

Hopefully we won’t be faced with too many raised eyebrows – I am not so sure whether online media are really accepted as something worth dealing with in media studies – seems like each medium has to fight for its place anew (in spite of the fact that even the most traditional or high-culture oriented academics in this area know that the same has happened to film and television before….)

While we’re at it: The Lolcats had their own panel on SXSW 2008 last weekend! Rocketboom made a video about it:

Time flies

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I can’t believe the four days in Salzburg dedicated to the KIWI kick-off are already nearly over, will be coming home late today though. Speaking about LENT: no, I didn’t keep my own promises, and considering that there is another conference coming up on Monday, I don’t think it is very likely that I am goin to pick up my “Lent routine” again. And next weekend after that is Easter holiday already – dammit…

Sperm for tickets – is this a hoax?

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One can only hope for it… would festival goers be the ideal sperm donors? That’s just one step from football fans, isn’t it? Doesn’t look like a hoax page though?

Sperm Donor Tickets

And what if donating sperm turns into a party joke? I can already see groups of young men at huddle around donation packs to make a group donation. Eewwww…

I am in Salzburg

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Once again no time to blog – find updates here 🙂

Who is Rodolfo Chikilicuatre?

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Just an odd comedian? The Spanish/Latin American Helge Schneider? A serious cabaret artist? This movie topped the Viral Video Charts for a few days now – anybody speak Spanish?

Update: He is Spain’s contestant in theEurovision Song Contest 2008 and his entry was selected from a MySpace[1] project called Salvemos Eurovisión (Let’s Save Eurovision). “More than 530 songs were uploaded to participate in the Spanish selection process. Out of these, ten acts proceeded to the televised final.” Wow, wow, wow – they’re using swarm intelligence to win the song contest. If he manages to expand his online audiences ( 1,372,502 views so far!) he may emerge to be the star of the competition. Myspace decides on the Eurovision song contest – the organizers must be pissed!

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