Stage6 to close down today!

February 28, 2008 at 8:31 am | Posted in Business | 2 Comments
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This is soooooo annoying! One of my (and of 17 million monthly users’) favourite website is going to close down today: DivX, who started Stage6 to serve as a showcase of the capabilities of their codex, is going to pull the plug on their high quality video portal. Earlier this month, Stage6 was hacked and their homepage briefly redirected to pornographic content; last September their were sued by Universal Music Group – but as of yet, thinks TechCrunch, it seems as if the demise of Stage6 is more likely to be assigned to behind-the-scene managerial controversy. Hm. So sad – wasn’t Stage6 a bonanza rather than a bomb?


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  1. Sad indeed, so much interesting material on that site.

    Back to youtube…crap!

  2. crap indeed :-< I am keeping my computer running this evening, hoping to get five more movies out of Stage6 before it’s killed!

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