Austria Wins an Oscar!!!

February 25, 2008 at 7:29 am | Posted in Film | 4 Comments
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And the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year goes to:
The Counterfeiters | Die Fälscher

Karl Markovics

New York Times Review of The Counterfeiters

Oscar für Stefan Ruzowitzkys “Die Fälscher”


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  1. Ya, I watched Oscars yesterday night. Good for Austrian film buffs. Have you watched this one? I was wondering how can I watch this one soon..

  2. Not yet, cinemas are completely booked out for this film (which does rarely happen with native movies:-)

  3. Juchhu, nach Grimme-Preis und einem ersten Oscar noch ein Oscar für mich: Grimme Online-Publikumspreis 2004 für, für L.A. Crash 2006 [Universum Film gehört zum RTL interactive] und für Die Fälscher 2008 [idem]!

  4. hätzlische glöckwünsch!

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