Virgin Mary pretzel auction ends: Feb-24-08 11:09:44 PST

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Pretzel Can you believe it? Three years ago, Michael Fleming found a funnily shaped pretzel in a bag of Rold Gold Pretzels – a funny shape that is slightly reminiscent of the Virgin Mary. Now he is selling it on eBay. Are pretzels that come in Virgin Mary shapes an act of God?
A number of people seem to believe that, as the bids are currently up to $ 20,100.00.

Virgin Mary Pretzel
And all that in spite of the fact that the lucky finders are clearly trying to cash in on people’s gullibility:

“If you look right there you can see her head tilted and then the little baby in the pretzel!” jokes Chad “Tanner” Haney. “Look at the little baby in the pretzel!”

Look close and if you’re hungry for a miracle, you might just make out the Virgin Mary cradling the baby Jesus in this pretzel. “I saw a similarity between a pretzel and a photo,” says Michael Fleming, owner of the pretzel.

Fleming says he found this twisted treasure in a bag of Rold Gold pretzels three years ago. He and three co-workers posted it on Ebay Wednesday. “We’re kind of capitalizing on the stupidity of Ebay and that people will buy anything,” says Haney. [Source]

As of now, it is not even sure (actually – rather unlikely) that the pretzel currently on sale is the original Virgin Mary pretzel – do people not read the item descriptions before squandering their money? Read the description yourself:

Virgin Mary Pretzel Replica!!

Why pay $10,000.00 or more for the original when you can still pay thousands but thousands less for a replica??

I am broke with a darn good sense of humor!  Have heart and know not only did you help someone who could REALLY use thousands of dollars but I made you laugh as well!  Now hurry and bid today before someone copy’s my replica idea!

Only 1 pretzel will be sold (the rest will be eaten!) 

*** ACT NOW: And get your DVD copy of “The Making of the Virgin Mary Pretzel Replica!” – DVD comes to you Autographed by me, to be cherished for minutes then later sold on EBay or posted on YouTube whichever comes first!

Additional DVD footage: “The Blessing of The Virgin Mary Pretzel Replica” as we have our local priest “Bless Your Replica Pretzel” before delivery!

 Pretzel comes complete with a certificate of authenticity 1 of 1 Pretzel card!

Note: I make no claims or warranty that I am the original person to sell the “Virgin Mary Pretzel”.  I am merely riding their coat tails because I am broke and need it more than they do!

P.S. – I love the feedback I have been getting keep it coming! I will answer all serious messages!

Enlightenment, what ever happened to thee?

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