My To-View-List – Feb/Mar 2008

February 20, 2008 at 12:39 am | Posted in movies | 1 Comment
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Movies are good for the soul – even more so than virtual worlds. They take you with them on a journey into another world, leaving your worries – along with your body that’s resting in the dark – behind. Now that I finally live in a BIG CITY again, I need to start getting back to a regular movie watching routine. Becoming a member of the Viennese Film Museum was one step – now I need to start making sure that I get so see at least one, ideally two movies a week, like I did in my most devoted movie watching days. And there are sooo many good movies coming up at the moment!

Here is my current to-view list – only covering current movies though:
Charlie Wilson’s War
FALCO -Verdammt wir leben noch (the Falco biopic)
I’m not there (Bob Dylan biopic)
My Blueberry Nights (new Wong Kar Wai)
There Will be Blood (new P.T. Anderson, feat. Daniel Day Lewis!)
No Country for Old Men (Cormac McCarthy by the Coen brothers)
Rambo (fourth installment of the Rambo franchise, dubbed ‘John Rambo’ in German as ‘Rambo’ was the German title for ‘First Blood)

Movies I’ll avoid at all costs (hence no link 🙂 )
10.000 BC
27 Dresses
Blind Wedding
Meet The Spartans (although I should watch it, for academic reasons)
and many many more…

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  1. There will be Blood & No country for Old men are both great..I wrote about the former in my last blog..
    It’s interesting to note that movies with excessive violence-though well made- are doing honors with both audience and academy award members..
    You might want to add Juno in your list too..

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