Officer Salvatore Rivieri has been watching Full Metal Jacket a few times too often

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I love Youtube! Control the Controllers! Sousveillance rules! Looks like officer Rivieri needs to sign up for anger management 😛 Update: Officer Rivieri has just been suspended, Fox News reports.

Just a thought: Is the Interwebs turning into a lynch mob? See also which releases info like this (complete with satellite picture):

druggy mom
Ashpark Ln
West Carson, CA 90710 US
has had 9 kids so far. does not take care of any of to be a house painter, but really just steals from your house.

W00t! #2 of Fastest Growing Blogs

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Yesterday was a busy day on this blog – too bad the Fastest Growing Blogs counter on the dashboard became defunct soon yesterday (and still is now) as it usually means an extra boost of traffic once you get on one of their global charts.


Lent Logo 2008 Let’s also say something about Lent, shall we? I’m still not particularly enjoying it (but I guess that’s not the point of Lent, is it?) – on Sunday when we took a walk around Kahlenberg and spent some time on their churchyard, I even fantasized seeing chocolates on the graves. Can craving get any worse? What it factually was were just the remains of some Christmas ornaments, a pine cone iced with fake snow and wrapped in cellophane. And yesterday my boyfriend brought home half a dozen of Fasten yogurt drink bottles which he got for free somewhere. ‘Fasten’ means ‘Fasting’, particularly fasting practiced during Lent – but I am not sure whether the amount of fructose it contains makes it a truly eligible lent candidate… it sounds like something you could actually enjoy:-)

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