Cool, Free, Open Source Audio Software :-)

February 9, 2008 at 10:42 am | Posted in Software | 4 Comments
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I am currently in a quest to enlighten myself about the usage of audio editing software – the standard affordable software for DAWs* seems to be Pro Tools, starting at € 60. I am unable to assess whether it is also fit for studio production, but instead of searching for a cracked Pro Tools download (which is of course a thought that only briefly crossed my mind:-) I opted for the open source solution Audacity: It only took me a few minutes to get around its workings and make it perform what I wanted it to: make a voice recording, convert it from stereo to mono, normalize it, get rid of a few glitches, edit, splice, export – and I guess there are many more functions to unleash still. It’s piece of free software that I am VERY happy to promote: get it at Soundforge. Perfect for PhD candidates in the humanities who are expanding their software literacy to enhance their teaching 🙂


The cheap micro I had didn’t work properly, so I borrowed one that seems to be made especially for podcasters: It comes with a little amplifier (basic functions) which plugs into your USB port so you won’t need an extra electricity supply! Pretty cool (forgot to write down the name, will do that later) – needs another few days until I find the time to learn that too.

*) This is apparently audio editing jargon: DAW for digital audio workstation = Digital audio workstation. A computer with the appropriate hardware and software needed to digitize and edit audio. [Source]


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  1. This is pretty neat. But, as you say, the microphone is a problem for me as well. I only have a tiny one integrated into my notebook. You’re saying it works better with an external one? (I am begining to feel silly screaming into my keyboard, since that’s where the tiny microphone hole is located 🙂 ).

  2. Definitely use an external one – also because that’ll avoid recording the noises and glitches coming from your harddrive. I’ll get the name of the one I borrowed for you on Monday – I was about 2 meter away from my laptop when I recorded it.

  3. automatthias recommended this to me ages ago, very nifty tool 🙂

  4. This is a really great guide. I’ve just done a similar one after struggling for ages with audio blogging. I’ll stick to podcasts from now on!

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