We’ve Got a Meme: The Dramatic Animal

February 9, 2008 at 4:53 pm | Posted in video, Viral | 3 Comments
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One of my favourite web micro-narratives – the ‘Dramatic Look‘, which generated a few remixes, but not a real meme – is now on the verge of evolving: Enter ‘Dramatic Lemur‘ (watch with sound only).

UPDATE: The meme is gaining momentum – her is the Dramatic Prairie Cat (not as funny, but…) EDIT: That’s the tough thing about memes: The first time you see them they come across as soooo fresh and then you realize the Prairy Cat is more than half a year old. Need to think about the redefinition of ‘NEWS’ that this implies…

Cool, Free, Open Source Audio Software :-)

February 9, 2008 at 10:42 am | Posted in Software | 4 Comments
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I am currently in a quest to enlighten myself about the usage of audio editing software – the standard affordable software for DAWs* seems to be Pro Tools, starting at € 60. I am unable to assess whether it is also fit for studio production, but instead of searching for a cracked Pro Tools download (which is of course a thought that only briefly crossed my mind:-) I opted for the open source solution Audacity: It only took me a few minutes to get around its workings and make it perform what I wanted it to: make a voice recording, convert it from stereo to mono, normalize it, get rid of a few glitches, edit, splice, export – and I guess there are many more functions to unleash still. It’s piece of free software that I am VERY happy to promote: get it at Soundforge. Perfect for PhD candidates in the humanities who are expanding their software literacy to enhance their teaching 🙂


The cheap micro I had didn’t work properly, so I borrowed one that seems to be made especially for podcasters: It comes with a little amplifier (basic functions) which plugs into your USB port so you won’t need an extra electricity supply! Pretty cool (forgot to write down the name, will do that later) – wordpress.org needs another few days until I find the time to learn that too.

*) This is apparently audio editing jargon: DAW for digital audio workstation = Digital audio workstation. A computer with the appropriate hardware and software needed to digitize and edit audio. [Source]

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