Then and Now: 11 Years of Bodily Matter

February 7, 2008 at 8:49 am | Posted in Family | 4 Comments
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Lent Logo 2008Thank God it’s Lent! Some days ago I had asked my brother to send me pictures from 1997, from the year before my grandfather died – I am busy putting together a digital story about my grandfather. My brother dug up a whole array of views and pictures I had forgotten about, including this one:


I can barely recognize myself ALTHOUGH my hair is now as long again as it was back then – and I am glad that I was blissfully unaware of the bodily matter filling up my face back then (considering that it was barely three years that I had recovered from eating disorders). My boyfriend claims not to be able to recognize me either [frown].

The next picture of me and my brother was taken in October 2006 – as you can see, tables have turned now.



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  1. I don’t remember your face being as ‘full’ as this 😛

  2. Me neither! It’s really quite shocking to see these pics (it’s worse if you see the eyes as well). I’m not much of a sinner either, it’s just a welcome opportunity to live a bit healthier (and make sure my face stays the way it is now:-P If you refuse to drink alcohol, eat meat, eat sugar out of personal reasons, people will think you’re queer. If you say you are giving it up for lent, they are impressed 🙂

  3. You looked very different seems you look younger now..:) why have u covered ur eyes btw?
    And, is this thing about giving up alcohol, meat and sugar to stay young true??? I wanna try that..:P

  4. I’ve become a bit apprehensive about having all my details and my face published on the net – if it weren’t too much work, I’d go through my entire blo and adjust the content accordingly.

    I’ve heard that too, that sugar in particular is not supposed to be good for your cells. It is damn hard, but I highly recommend to once try it – it is incredible how much sugar we consume in a day!

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