Then and Now: 11 Years of Bodily Matter

February 7, 2008 at 8:49 am | Posted in Family | 4 Comments
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Lent Logo 2008Thank God it’s Lent! Some days ago I had asked my brother to send me pictures from 1997, from the year before my grandfather died – I am busy putting together a digital story about my grandfather. My brother dug up a whole array of views and pictures I had forgotten about, including this one:


I can barely recognize myself ALTHOUGH my hair is now as long again as it was back then – and I am glad that I was blissfully unaware of the bodily matter filling up my face back then (considering that it was barely three years that I had recovered from eating disorders). My boyfriend claims not to be able to recognize me either [frown].

The next picture of me and my brother was taken in October 2006 – as you can see, tables have turned now.


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