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The Streets meets Electro Clash equals Dan le Sac VS Scroobius Pip

Brief Professional Update

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Last Friday I had my first encounter with my self-employment coach – I am only now beginning to realize HOW much work it all is going to be, yet I have to take one step at a time… I am still undecided whether it wouldn’t be wiser to get a part-time position – but unless you want to be a secretary, it is difficult to even find interesting vacancies that one can apply to.

This week is dedicated to prototype building: In order to realize my digital storytelling project, I need to have a few stories to put on display. I am lucky to be in touch with the folks at – their project leader/creative director/facilitator gave me a few pointers today to help me find the proper direction.

Also, I received a nod from a professor for media studies to be my adviser on a planned doctoral thesis. The title changes daily – I have three weeks to finalize the focus. Here is the title of the day: User-generated Video. Von Viral Video bis Digital Storytelling.

I am lucky to be able to build on excellent work in a related field that has already been done by Lenina [um – may I link to your thesis or would that expose your identity? btw, the contents are only available via Google, but the index file only says ‘test’] and I still think she should tour a few conferences with her research which she hasn’t done yet.

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