The Indian Auto-Dwarf: A Car for € 1700 (!)

February 4, 2008 at 12:01 am | Posted in India | 6 Comments
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This news item has received mixed reactions: Indian truck and car manufacturers Tata have finally unveiled their 1-lakh-car, the Tata Nano. 1 lakh means 100,000 Rupies, means 2,500 US Dollars, means 1,700 Euros.
Tata Nano Standard
Quite impressive. I have never been able to afford a car (and for most of my life it didn’t make sense to have one anyway), yet even for double the price I’d be tempted. I am hardly going to be the only one – environmentalists in India are already worried, and so is Maharashtra Home Minister Patil: “If everyone buys the small car, where will they keep it? Where will they drive it?”



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  1. Yep! Its quite a marvel… Maybe you should give it a try 🙂

  2. Yes, it’s true that many people in India fear that we dont have enough space on our roads for these extra cars. But, many optimists feel that in the long run-due to it’s cheap cost-it will replace millions of two wheelers which clog our roads.
    The car looks sexy though..

  3. It’s definitely a cute car. I wonder whether it will come to Europe? The cheapest cars you can buy here start at € 10,000 – would be cool if it came.

  4. I dont think it will ever come to Europe-especially Western Europe- ..
    Is there enough market for it there???? I dont think so..

  5. A car that costs a month’s average wage? I wouldn’t know why not?!?

  6. I thought that not many people will be interested in buying a low-end car in Germany/Austria..
    I might be wrong..

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