How to Write Rich Blog Entries Faster (In The Future)

February 3, 2008 at 11:26 am | Posted in Blogging, Language | 11 Comments
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I came across* the nifty Zemanta WordPress plug-in which automatically enhances your text with semantic links, tags, pictures – and does quite a good job at it. Using their demo, I entered the plain text of the recent Carnival post:


And Zemanta returned it as follows:

Zemanta Output

The text highlighted in orange identifies the words that are automatically converted into links. In the full working version, you can add and delete words to the list.

The obvious downside, however, is that Zemanta is not available yet – and if it was, it could probably not be used by users like me, but only by those who have installed WordPress on their own server space. On their own blog and website, Zemanta are not exactly spilling the beans about their immediate plans to release or not to release this plug-in (I quite like Jochen’s notion of a blog being something like a personal tabloid).

It’s also too bad that one cannot just grab the source code of an enhanced page from their demo, as the way it is coded (lot’s of div’s and id’s instead of straight links) is not accepted by! Neither can one simply copy the tags as they use space separation whereas WP uses comma separation (I am all for comma separation, btw, as it allows for collocations). Yet I guess their server would soon be flooded with requests if they offered a demo that allowed you to enhance a page and take the code with you.

*I’ve subscribed to a couple of blogs from Barcamp presenters, and even though I didn’t go to the next one in Klagenfurt (and would not have had anything to contribute anyway), I still get the fresh news that gets circulated there. Nice:-) According to one of those blogs, Zemanta will go beta towards the end of March. By then I might have switched to – and then the decision will be pending whether it wouldn’t be wiser to switch to German, too – blogging in German, however, does oddly not feel natural to me.


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  1. Thats pretty cool 😀

  2. It is, isn’t it? I would get it right away if it was already available. Congrats on starting your blog btw.

  3. excellent! I’m also considering moving my wordpress-hosted blog to my own URL, installing the software on my own server.

    I think I’ve spend enough time now on, and I crave more customisability, more widgets, and generally more freedom as to what I do with it.

    Thus far, lack of time has prevented me from doing it – however I hope that, soon, I will have plenty of it due to working a standard 9-5 job, with loads of ‘lonely’ evenings and week-ends 😛

  4. Am curious to see how it is going to work out for you – it’s true that free weekends are indeed a lovely thing:-)

  5. Thanks for the review. I’d just like to say that we’re thinking about and other hosted blogging users and have something special in store for you.

    I’ll also talk to the team about changing our demo to be more friendly to those that would like to use us before our official release.

  6. Hi Jure, that is excellent news, thank you! Am looking forward to the enhanced demo and the beta version alike:-)

  7. naja… “good job”: zum thema karneval ein bild des zerstörten köln, quelle: wikipedia. isch weiß et jo nit. der franzmann säät dozu: n’importe quoi.

  8. Wow! This is a cool feature… it would make our job so much more easier 🙂

  9. Zemanta is live now…

    Please try it out … ! 🙂


  10. very cool, thanks!

  11. […] is great news! In February, I wrote for the first time about the Zemanta browser plug-in which was supposed to allow you to […]

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