Porn Becoming Mainstream in Webvideos? (At the Occasion of the Invention of Smurf Porn)

January 30, 2008 at 9:17 am | Posted in Porn, video | 5 Comments
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It’s not as though it’s breaking news that our visual culture has become increasingly sexed up – yet it is kind of irritating that moving images of people engaging in sexual actions have become part of the web folklore. Yes, we’ve all heard of or seen Two Girls One Cup – which is certainly fake, yet aesthetically still falls into the porn category. The latest movie that is now being blogged about is Smurf porn: Real people dress up as Smurfs (i.e. paint themselves blue, put on white hats) and start romping about. The cast: Smurfette, two regular smurfs, Papa Smurf and Gargamel. Here is the link: You need to copy and paste it if you want to see it, and yes, it really is porn, so don’t watch it in the office or in the presence of minors:* At least it gives a lot of people a good pretext for watching porn: “I just wanted to see the smurfs!” (At least that was my lame excuse:-)

I wonder whether Donnie Darko inspired them to do this movie? Here is the scene in which Donnie and his friends talk about the sexual life of Smurfs (no saucy scenes included!):

*It IS porn, but not very well done. The art direction sucks – two smurfs take their hats off (which spoils their costume of course), also Gargamel should have stayed partly dressed to not ruin the impression, and they really should have used blue condoms. If it’s to be a real smurf, it’s got to be all blue, from head to toe.

BTW: I wonder whether these movies are manually removed from the viral video chart?

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