Amnesty International against Child Soldiers

January 23, 2008 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Life | 2 Comments
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Yesterday I joined amnesty international, coincidentally 7 days after friend Lenina became a member (maybe I would not have been that susceptible to their message if she hadn’t). It’s only going to cost me a few cents a day, and once I am in a more comfortable financial situation, I am going to increase the amount to donate in a year. They got me with their initiative to rehabilitate child soldiers – but there is not a single cause in their portfolio that I wouldn’t subscribe to.

Still in Germany, I supported an animal rights organization for a while whose board members have now received a six years sentence for the misappropriation (?) of donations. Jeez! I guess I can rule out such a scenario in the case of ai. I am glad to be once again supporting a charity organization – one of the few things one can do as a person who was luckily born in our posh Western civilization.

child execution


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  1. AI is a good organization. I’ve been an off and on again member for several years. I was unaware of their child soldiers campaign. I’ll renew too. Thanks for putting me in mind of it.

  2. great stuff! I’ll be doing some more once I’ve got all my finances in place. I used to sponsor the Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group 😛

    My next ’cause’ will be cats.

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