More web 2.0 dirt (and it’s old, too)

January 18, 2008 at 11:56 pm | Posted in video, Youtube | Leave a comment
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While I do think that I am pretty well wired to the interwebs, the occasional fad does escape me. The Numa Numa Lip synching fad, for instance. I didn’t even know the classic Numa Numa impression by a guy called Gary Broisma.

And since I stopped listening to the radio some years ago (why? Austria has got fm4 – what else do you need?), I was also (at least consciously) unaware of the existence of the song featured in that vid: Dragostea Din Tei. Not a song one needs to be worried about having missed, yet I have a terrible propensity towards getting carried away by songs with ear-tingling rhythms, no matter how foreseeable they are. This does, of course, make me a dupe of the culture industries, and of Dragostea Din Tei, but hey, dancing is good for the soul and the body, so I am not even trying to restrain myself.

I deeply understand Gary’s enthusiasm.

This video below is my favourite of all Numa Numa versions (after having watched Gary for half a dozen times). My favourite lines are “Graze the flesh there” and “Ragu sledding yay”:

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