Another tribute to the outstandingness of Austria

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Even if this means to favorably mention a conservative politician. People just can’t get enough of shots featuring Austrian Minister for European and International Affairs, Ursula Plassnik, in the company of other politicians. How’s that you wonder?

Ursula Plassnik

Ursula Plassnik

Ursula Plassnik Ursula Plassnik

And here is the thing I like about her as a public personality: She never tries to make herself appear smaller than she is – a quality rarely found in very tall women. I think tall women are gorgeous (like my bestest friend J. in Cologne)!

God bless the Austrian Social Security System (especially the Viennese)

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Good news! I am back on social security, including health care. Since I quit my last job itself, I expected to be barred from benefits for a period of four weeks – hence I was hesitant to go to the doctor, because the lady on the hotline told me that I may not take for granted that I’d still have health care (although she couldn’t tell me what the criteria were).

At the unemployment office today I learned that I’d normally be banned – but not if the quitting occurs within the probation period AND if you happen to live in the federal state of Vienna (my place of work was in Lower Austria, but apparently that didn’t matter). In other words: I do have health care, and I am also immediately entitled to unemployment benefits I guess I owe this to the decades of social democratic rule in this lovely city.

Since 1919 (!) the city’s mayor has been nominated by the SPÖ!

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