Youtube goes down

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…and fundamentally so – and while I was busy playing with that nifty “convert youtube to quicktime” online application on (not a good name to venture into the German market, btw, as a “Wichser” – pronounced vixa – is a, eh, wanker).

Youtube down

And that I guess is also the reason why you cannot see any of the vids in the previous post. I hope they are going to recover without any losses – what a sadness that would be, if all thoses videos, both generated for online audiences and the TV and video gems of the olden days, suddenly disappeared from the screens of the world for good.

Update: And there it is again!

Viral Video Digest: Bunnies and Masses in Motion

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This is a strangely fascinating movie about the execution of one, two, three chocolate bunnies. Was it in the viral video chart in the past? If not, it has the potential to make it – and to find tons of emulators as well. Remixes are already on Youtube.

Here is one that’s currently #2 in the viral video chart – amazing material. And although it’s all different people, it kind of makes you worry how fast life might go by.

Here is #3 – again people as the visual material, reminding one inevitably of Siegfried Kracauer’s “Ornament der Masse” (The Mass ornament). Whether it’s synchronized swimming or military parades or this viral video: Mankind seems not to can get enough of seeing its kind move as one body.

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