Good riddance!

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Upon passing by the announcement board near the platform where the locals trains serving the North-East leave I thought: “Good riddance!”

That was the same platform where I hopped on at 6:51 am a month ago. Quitting a job can be a good thing. Quitting things in general is as important as starting new things.

Think of the sad, long-gone days when people started a job at 15 at only quit to retire – some 45 years later!

The Future of Cinema, according to David Lynch

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Convergent media are propelling us into the multimediaverse. Watch and listen what David Lynch has got to say about the future of cinema and the special appeal of films being watched on a gadget (like a telephone).

This is not an iPhone commercial, somebody merely made it look that way

WOTD: Outlier

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A word of the day for German speakers of English that I had been searching for in the past:

(statistischer) Ausreißer (m.) = outlier


Results very stable, no strange outlier values as often found with other techniques. Interactive Petrophysics needs to be seen to fully appreciate the …

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