4 Girls Finger Paint: Summary & Critique

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Who’d have thought: The internet burped and yanked out was yet another shock scat video. The name already gives it’s story line away: Four girls. Finger paint.

I watched it. It’s not worth seeing. Here is the summary so that you won’t have to watch it (scroll down for URL if you think you must follow the trend anyway):

Two girls kneel on the floor, holding a third one down who is lying on her back with her feet raised to meet her ears. A fourth girl squats over the one lying down and takes a shit right on top of the other’s poophole (the feces do not look real – if they are that lady must have a problem with her intestines). Then she licks it from her ass. Then she vomits on top of the mess. Then they all huddle together and paint circles on each other’s belly using the, er, ‘edible’ finger paint. In the great finale, one throws up, using the other’s throat as a bucket.

That’s it. I covered the screen with my fingers to block out the more unpleasant parts because I don’t think I need to expose my soul to all the shit that’s flying around. I am easily offended by such things, but nonetheless I wasn’t nearly as shocked as I feared I would be. If you consider it one big stunt it’s bearable: If you consider, for instance, that if the pooping one had had a proper enema administered before the insertion of the chocolate mousse (with flakes:-) into her colon, the whole thing would hardly be less hygienic than kissing someone who hasn’t brushed his or her teeth in three days (I actually think that the latter would be worse).

What’s more interesting here: Filming reaction videos to shock videos seems to have become a favorite pastime among the digital semi-natives – and because people love it so much, there is hardly going to be an end put to the trend. With this one now, I think we can be fairly sure that it is NOT the case that this is a popular porn genre – but rather that it is a genre of its own: not meant to please people with a peculiar organization of their libido, but to shock people who like getting shocked and make a video of themselves, showing their devastation.

More shock videos will emerge, so what. My favorite, very hyperbolic (because it it is part of his business to be hyperbolic) reaction video is that from celebrity blogger and queen of all media Perez Hilton. You need to watch it with sound.


The original video is to be found at 4 girls finger paint dot com. You type in the URL if you really want to see it. It’s not worth it.

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My Silly New Business Card

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Or at least the layout thereof. One has to admit that vistaprint’s business cards are dead ugly. About as ugly as Powerpoint templates. They have silly motifs such as horses, flowers, palm trees, beaches, even bare female breasts.

The one I got is also darn ugly, but with a twist. A German can never fail with a business card featuring a calf and a football!

Business Card

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