Oops, I Did It Again: Quit My Job

December 25, 2007 at 9:45 am | Posted in Career | 4 Comments
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On the last possible day of my probation period, I kissed my new employer good-bye. The team was nice, the office beautiful – but my tasks all too quickly became that of a secretary. Writing letters in duplicate and triplicate, translating them into English, even prewriting banal five-line emails and mailing the text to my boss (the time it consumed for him to call me into his office, print out the email he had received and tell me what to write would have been more than sufficient for him to write the response himself). I don’t mind writing invitations and sending them out to key note speakers – for as long as I get to invite them (pp is fine with me). But I certainly didn’t get a master’s degree and accumulate five years of full time work experience to prewrite letters that others are going to use. To be more precisely: I am not prepared to spend 2,5 hours on trains a day if the work I am paid for is that of a secretary’s.

So once I again I am unemployed – and scheming to become self-employed. I am beginning to think that this is the only form of employment where I don’t get the feeling that I am slaving for someone else’s benefit more than mine…


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  1. I can understand your situation. It happens a lot that you end up doing very different/low end things rather than what you were promised or what suits your skills.
    I think as long as my job responsibilities dont change drastically , Iam fine with it. Once a while, I wont mind doing unrelated stuff.
    But, in your case it seems you didnt have any option left.. I wonder that how can you afford being unemployed for long..Are social security benefits in Austria enough to sustain for long ??

  2. There seems to be some problem with ur blog…my comments are not getting posted…

  3. No problem – I am monitoring all the comments because I have been receiving a lot of hate comments recently.

    Yes, we do have a social security system in Austria, which will support you for a total of 6.5 months (and after that, they’ll still support you, although it is going to be very little. And even though I quit this job after a month, I am still getting paid for that month, so there is another sum to economize on. And I need to: I won’t get any benefits for the next four weeks (neither did I receive any during my traineeship), because I was the one quitting the job. But: We live in a shitty flat without a proper bathroom and without central heating – that makes surviving easier:-)

  4. 🙂

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