A Long Commute: Upside and Downside

December 14, 2007 at 10:44 am | Posted in Career, Work | 1 Comment
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I started on my new job the last week of November, and am pretty happy with it. What continues to be a downside, however, is the long commute: This and last week, I got up at 5:40 am to get on the 6:51 train (I need to have enough time to drink my litre of Earl Grey in the morning, so 6:15 won’t do for me). I arrive at my destination at 8:01am and try to sleep on the train, but that doesn’t always work out (Don’t blame it one the tea though; I surely noticed that my Christmas Green Tea kept me awake on the train, but I allow my morning Earl Grey to steep for five minutes – that is supposedly giving it a soothing effect). On the night train, however, I can sleep like a baby – unless I have to engage in conversation with colleagues on the train, which of course can be nice, but I am so addicted to sleep…

At least I don’t have to commute by car which would be quite a pain in the butt as you can neither read nor sleep behind the wheel. Unless the urge for sleep overwhelms you, one can use a good hour on the train for many useful things:

_catch up on your reading (most important point!)
_take your lappy with you and work on the train
_prepare yourself for meetings during the day
_make a few early-bird phone calls in particular to doctors and agencies
_knit, crochet or take care of other urgent needlework

So commuting isn’t all bad. And the one peculiar advantage of my present situation is that there is a COMPLETE SPLIT between work and home. Where I lived before, it was a 15 minutes walk to my office, and it happened regularly that I went in late at night or worked long hours. I don’t have this flexibility now anymore, and need to be more disciplined in terms of how swiftly I take care of things. But as soon as I get on the train home, I am leaving work behind. Not a bad thing!

The best of all commutes, however is telework! In the future, I might inofficially be able to telecommute at least one day a week. Then I’ll paste this sticker on my lappy:
I don't commute, I compute

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