To read this blog, you have to have a high school degree

December 9, 2007 at 1:15 pm | Posted in Blogging | 4 Comments
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The people who awarded me the CELTA certificate last year would be proud. Seems like I have meanwhile learned to grade my language:-)

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The blogs I read are for people from all walks of education:

Lenina is good for Junior High School (is that above or below High School?), Reelpopblog and Jetsam are on par with me (High School), Void is for Undergraduate Students, Nova and Lallopallo are for Elementary School, yet the smartest readership is required at Cabbage’s: appropriate for a Genius.


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  1. Kind of humorous, because I mostly post videos of late.

  2. That’s what I thought as well – who knows what their method is. Maybe a combination of text analysis and category detection. Politics is surely a thing for geniuses.

  3. I wonder what’s the credibility of this site! I mean it gave me the result in few seconds…
    Nevertheless, Iam not

  4. Automatic text analysis, I guess. That’ll take just a few seconds.

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