Boof – You’re Branded – And Arrested!

December 4, 2007 at 6:01 am | Posted in Marketing | 1 Comment
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The BBC reports that Metropolitan police is working on ways to exploit branding on clothes to track people on CCTV:

Police believe that tracking suspects by their distinctive clothes will help cut down on the manual scanning of hundreds of hours of video footage.

The technology is already used to automatically identify company logos in TV broadcasts of sporting events. […]

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s iPM programme [DCI Neville] said, “Many of these young criminals in particular wear distinctive track-suits and coats with logos and sporting emblems and we’re going to use that facility to search, link and identify criminals.”

For a brief moment, the ideology of branding is coming to the surface. Your brands show where you belong – and might make you a suspect. And the middle-classes who wear neither Everlast nor Louis Vuitton are the only ones to walk past unknown.

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