Can Alert Citizens be Found in Footed Pyjamas?

December 2, 2007 at 10:30 am | Posted in Culture | 1 Comment
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Just a thought. I came across this US-American site who sell footed pajamas for adults – in fleece, flannel, waffle knit, velvet, sweat shirt fabric AND they have a special product range that cames with a “trap door” at the back:

Our Drop Seat Back Footy Pajamas (or “Trap Door”) allow you to practically live in these things! Elastic top and 4 velcro squares and the fact that the opening tucks in “envelope style” will keep drafts out, but allow you to take care of the “Call of Nature” without taking your PJs off.

Footed PJs

Question remains though whether an alert mind can be found in a person that wears a pajama 24/7? Not that I haven’t myself spent entire days in my PJs, but, you know – shouldn’t one appreciate to have come past the pajama phase instead of putting on regression wear?

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