Two Girls One Finger – a Plot Summary

November 28, 2007 at 7:00 am | Posted in video | 15 Comments
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Internet viewers are still in a state of catatonia after Two Girls One Cup, and here is the next shock video: Two Girls One Finger. The craze follows the same principle: Few sources let you know what it’s about, but loads of people put up reaction videos. Here are a few attempts of a plot summary, so that you’ll know what it’s about without having to watch it yourself:

Q: Does anyone have a good explanation of two girls one, similar to the explanation for the one with the cup?… so I know what I’m getting myself into?
A: umm, just think about how penguins feed their babies. [Note: Penguins feed their babies with regurgitated food they have stored previously in their stomach – I suppose this means that 2G1F involves even more puking than 2G1C – Source is deleted]

The “Two Girls One Finger” video is pretty much all of the same scenes from Two Girls One Cup. Same ‘fun’, same ‘substances’, 2 more girls, minus the infamous ‘cup’. The only real difference is, that the stars are Japanese girls, and the soundtrack is set to Yodeling music, opposed to classical music featured on the Two Girls One Cup video. Still, I don’t think the music matters considering the images burned into my brain forever and ever now. [Source]

As if the chaos created by “Two Girls and One Cup” video was not enough we now have competition of sorts on hand. There is a new video that has just hit Youtube. It is called Two Girls One Finger video and this is similar in flavor(pun intended) to the stuff in the 2 Girls 1 Cup video. It is equally disgusting like the ” 2 Girls and 1 Cup video” if not more. [Source]

Watch this reaction on Youtube to hear a bit of the soundtrack of Two Girls One Finger – yodeling and sounds that could have emanated from a water hose.

I ain’t gonna watch this one either…


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  2. What is point of these type of videos? Is it shock factor? Is it surrealism – like Dali’s Un Chien Andalou?

  3. Would be cool if it were surreal – I’d rather consider it a horror show (and people like being shocked, don’t they?)


  5. […] More summaries of recent shock videos: Two girls one cup Two girls one finger […]

  6. i am still looking for 2 girls one finger…i saw 2 girls one cup and four girls fingrpaint…my gosh!does anyone know where i could get 2 girls 1 finger,,?

  7. It used to be here but they are now requesting credit card numbers, even though they are saying that 0$$ will be charged – fishy, DON’T give them your credit card details. But are you sure you want to see it? This is what happens in the movie:

  8. poop

  9. so where’s the summary?? There is none. There is allusions and discussion and a couple of people who don’t know what surrealism is; but no summary of the vid.

  10. there is one, if you can read between the lines. believe me it’s better for your soul:)

  11. There are some sick fucks out there who get off watching this shit. Me, I think it’s funny to watch reactions. I did gag on 2G1C, though, and have yet to see 2G1F.

  12. As I know these videos are all from perverted, fetish “directors”, so some of the people this planet does not need. Lets put them all in jail or in a rocket directly to the sun. But I still wonder, why the governments dont do anything about this shit? I mean the content of this videos is often against humanity, the laws and the common sense. The only way I can explain this is Assburgers and Bawtism!

  13. oh christ. the compulsion to watch these things is equal to the disgust you feel having watched them. the summary should have contained the words “exorcist” and “guacamole”. oh and “impacted faeces”.

    how does a person wake up and think to themselves “yes. today is the day that i ingest another humans effluvia”.

    • the poo is fake. it’s some type of chocolate mousse, inserted through an enema. may still sound offensive to some, of course.

  14. i think some people get off on this kind of stuff, i don’t see how.

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