New job starts on Monday!

November 24, 2007 at 3:05 pm | Posted in Career | 4 Comments
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Bottom of Career LadderAnd I am looking forward to it a lot!

Just a brief update about my past career decisions: In spite of the tremendous adulation from my journalism instructor, I did not receive a job offer from that publishing house for which I slaved a little while ago – unlike most of everyone else of us trainees. And even though I wasn’t even sure whether I wanted to work for them or not, that hurt a bit.

Of course it’s relatively easy to restructure this event cognitively: I can write, but my writing is probably not suited for the masses. I am too much of a critical thinker and my refusal to join the current affairs team (who have a purely tabloid angle) was probably not a smart move in advertising myself. And last not least: I am 33, and if you had the choice, who would pick an editor in training younger than yourself?

The past two days were even more of a confirmation that my job decision (I accepted a job in academia) was the right one: I have just returned from what could be considered my first stint as a consultant, giving a presentation at an innovation management workshop. There were people both from a large telecommunications company and a bunch of designers/new media people, and I was really surprised about the quality and scope of the discussions that were going on. Better than much of the input to be found at a conference dedicated to new media! The fact that the whole thing took place in a castle in Styria was not to be despised either!

For me it was a confirmation that I want to be be amongst people who ARE intelligent and (more importantly) are not afraid to DO AND SAY INTELLIGENT THINGS – unlike in tabloid journalism, where everyone is using their intelligence only to dumb down the things they do and write, trying to please the taste of the masses (who are probably not as dumb as they think – but who get dumber by the day because of the crap they feed them).

I won’t give up writing though – but I’ll try to find a more suitable outlet for it than can be found in tabloid magazines:-)


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  1. I recently applied for a job as Administrator for a cross-institutional Arts/Social Sciences – research group, at a prestigious University.

    I guess my motivation was similar to yours – wanting to be amongst intelligent/intellectual people in a context of academia, where I feel ‘at home’.

    It’s not that my current job is bad – in fact I’m really enjoying it – but I do miss an environment where intellectual stimulation is part of everyday life, and seen as ‘normal’ rather than as ‘challenging’ or somewhat out of place.

    The problem for me personally is that I know from my PhD that I don’t want to be a researcher myself (it doesn’t excite me any more; too much work) – but an administrative, research-support role would mean that I’m involved with ideas and academia daily, and get the luxury of intelligent discussions and stimulating ideas, without having to write them up myself 😛

    I don’t have high hopes for this application though – undoubtedly they’ll be receiving plenty of applications for the role. I’d be happy to just get an interview 😐

  2. and BTW, I’m just talking about myself again, as usual – CONGRATS again to the new job, and I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

  3. Thanks, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it! It similar to the one you have applied for – admnistrative, involving a bit of teaching (project management – cool!), but research is just an option, not a must. I’ll think I’ll try to find a PhD-project anyway – but one that is linked to a partner in the industry!

  4. I am glad u took this decision! Good luck! 🙂

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