Why can’t we have disabled comedians, too?

November 5, 2007 at 8:20 am | Posted in Entertainment | 3 Comments
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Have you ever heard of Toño, the devil on wheels (el diablo sobre ruedas)? I stumbled upon his performance via this blog. I understand absolutely no Spanish (due to this lowest-possible-challenge Spanish course I took a year ago where the teacher was so afraid that we’d feel threatened by the grammar and leave the course – I almost left it because I didn’t learn anything, not even possessive pronouns!) yet would love to understand this. And what’s the business with those ants in the desk? It seems as if he is looking for work in this skit: Busco trabajo.


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  1. Maybe cabbage remembers this better than I do, but I seem to remember a disabled comedian whose film we watched in a seminar once. I believe it is called _Fuck the Disabled_.

  2. Here’s my free translation ofsome parts of the video. I’m spanish but not a translator yet, so please, forgive my errors.
    – Good night. Calm girls! Don’t crowd! One by one because I can’t with more. I don’t know if you realised but this isn’t a Harley, it’s a wheelchair.[…] The problem is when you are looking for a job. Yesterday, Nacho Cano (note: a spanish singer of a duo called Mecano which were very famous in 60s and 70s) called me to offert me a job in his musical ‘Today I can’t stand up’ (note2: In spanish ‘Hoy no me puedo levantar’, the name of a famous song of this group. Really the correct translation would be ‘Today I can’t wake up’, but in spanish ‘wake up’ and ‘stand up’ are the same verb, not in meaning but in writing)

    Maybe this weekend if I remember it I’m going to translate all the perforance.

  3. Thank you, Carlos, that was so sweet of you! I think I get the idea of the kind of humour he uses:-)

    I like the joke about not being able to wake up the best (btw, in German it’s the same ‘aufstehen’ actually means to get up, but it’s also used as waking up)

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