Ha! Niggy’s Sunday Bloody Sunday

November 4, 2007 at 11:40 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments
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There is a fabulous remake of U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday on Saul Williams new free/very affordable new album Niggy Tardust. This pleases me twice as much – I think I think I am the only person I know doesn’t like U2 – with the exception of this particular song. But Niggy’s version is MUCH better:-)

I also don’t like Radiohead. They slow me down and make me sad – but for no justifiable reason. I’ll let Astor Piazolla make me sad. Or the Tindersticks. But not Radiohead.


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  1. I don´t dig in U2 either. Of course some songs are good but all in all they always sound the same just like Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi – always the same.

    Two Radiohead songs really rock. “Creep” and “Just”.

  2. That’s a good description – which I’d never ever dare to say in front of my U2 loving friends: a concoction of Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi 😀

  3. I don’t like U2 either. And I HATE Radiohead. Everyone always goes on about how great they are. I just don’t get it. It’s just wishy-washy slow stuff. If you want to kill yourself, listen to the Cure’s ‘Pornography’, ‘Seventeen Seconds’, or ‘Faith’ albums.

  4. Kill yourself? Because it’s so good or so bad? Not familiar wif dis idiom.

  5. it’s not an idiom. Just that Radiohead strike me as music for depressive people, i.e. the singer whinges and suffers, the lyrics are ‘beautiful poetic/dark’, etc, and a lot of people seem to rate them for their perceived ‘artistic genius’ and melancholy. I just don’t get it – and I’ve had to listen to them a fair few times, at friends’ houses.

    I mean, if I’m depressed (or when I have been) and feel like killing myself, I wouldn’t listen to Radiofuckinghead, but early The Cure. That’s what I meant. It’s not an idiom (though there is one that goes ‘You might as well kill yourself’, but I guess that’s slightly different).

  6. Yep, I completely agree. And I have no idea why there are so many people who think that it’s great to imitate Radiohead.

    I picked up the proper meaning a little while after having read your comment and also could not agree less.

  7. Great, indeed.

  8. Music affects your brain activity. That is why Mozart is said to be good for babies in the womb. It stimulates and invigorates them.

    Radiohead are depressing, but I don’t mean this as an opinion. If you actually ran their music (and Mozarts) through the appropriate equipment, you could physically see a difference in the sound itself, and how that sound affects the brain.

    Compare Tchaivovsky with Beethoven…

    The Beatles are famous for their use of ‘harmony’. http://www.howardgoodall.co.uk/presenting/20centurygts.htm and http://www.channel4.com/culture/microsites/0-9/20thcenturygreats/lennon.html

  9. Can’t say I’m a fan of Radiohead or U2, though I quite like the Thom Yorke solo album of last year, though the mood is typically samey in its relative bleakness. Thanks void for the Howard Goodall Beatles pointer…now looking at it on Youtube

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