How to economize on briquettes and fire wood

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Our flat has neither a radiator nor a central heating. All it’s got is a wood stove*) in the main room – none in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. We’re using wood briquettes at the moment which we bought from the previous tenant – but we’ll have to stock up pretty soon. I guess we’ll have charcoal briquettes then as well, and maybe some beech wood [Buchenholz] for a nice flame.

Wood briquettes burn relatively nice as well, but if they get too much air they are also eaten away by the flames like nothing else. A friend from Cologne told me her trick to economize on briquettes: Before she leaves the house or goes to bed, she takes a few pages from a newspaper, soaks them with water and wraps them around the briquette before she puts it in.

I started using this technique. I put in the last briquette last night half past eleven, and when I checked this morning at half past ten, I still had a few glowing embers [Glut] in the oven. Wow! Of course it doesn’t give off a tremendous amount of heat, but prevents the temperatures from dropping too drastically. And it’s also easier to start a new fire from embers.

*) By the way: It was not that easy to figure out which English word was the thing I needed.
oven – Ofen {m}
stove – Ofen {m}
wood stove – Kohleofen {m}
furnace – Ofen, Hochofen {m}
kiln – Ofen, Brennofen {m}
cooker [Br.] – Ofen, Herd {m}
reefer [sl.] – Ofen (drugs)

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