Secretaries are the least economic data processers ever, but at least they’ve got a memory like an elephant

October 30, 2007 at 4:04 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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DISCLAIMER: This piece of writing does not apply to each and every individual that has ever worked as a secretary. It applied to the average, stereotypical person doing the job of a secretary. You decide whether this applies to the secretaries around you – or to you, if you are a secretary.

No offence meant, but I just need to get this one off me chest… it seems as if there is an antagonist of mine among the working population that goes by the name of: the secretary.*

Secretary keep track of each and everything, but are absolutely unable to draw any conclusions from data.

*) The absolutely endearing secretary who works for the VC of my last employer is quite obviously not part of the secretary gang. She’s a an early 19th century

This unfinished post has been sleeping in my account for nearly a year now – I edited it marginally as I have moved on to pastures new since then. Unfortunately I cannot recall to what type of 19th century individual I had wanted to compare my lovely friend S.

I vaguely remember what had happened that day that made me conceive this post – another frustrating encounter between me and the rigid frame of mind of some EFFICIENT secretary.

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