Bangs – yes or no?

October 15, 2007 at 8:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments
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BangsAbout an hour ago I had the idea that I would look more like myself if I had bangs. I asked my boyfriend how he would like that over the phone, and I surely would have been the first woman on earth if I had gotten a straight answer out of him upon a question of that kind…

Instead, I created a little photoshoppery and am now hoping for the precious feedback of my dear blogger friends: Shall I get bangs or not? [Bangs courtesy Bamboo Girl]

Straightforward answer, please!


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  1. If the picture with Bangs is the lower one, my answer is NO! You look much better , and normal :), in the upper ( regular) one. Unless, the real bangs will look much different than what you created by photoshoppery.
    Sorry for disappointing you but you wanted a straightforward

  2. Yes, thank you, that’s what I wanted! A straightforward honest answer is always better than a friendly lie 🙂 I guess it looks a little like a mix between Chewbacca and Mr Spock.

  3. Bangs WTF? It’s called Fringe over here. No fringe please. BTW your hair is now longer than mine – I keep having it cut back to a bit shorter than shoulder length, as it’s just too much work when it gets too long…

  4. No way!

  5. Thanks Daniel, Lenina and Lallopallo for your feedback. Considering you all agreed with my boyfriend (who didn’t really dare say his opinion) I am going to leave things as they are:-)

  6. I’m with the masses on this one.

  7. Hell no to the bangs!

    Great blog btw


  8. As usual, I am in favor of a mullet.

    Ask yourself: what would Jesus wear? (I can put the Jesus-mullet picture up again.)

    Also, that photoshopped hairpiece you used to create the bangs would also make a dynamite mustache!

    Ok, new suggestion: mullet and porn-stache. Can you photoshop that?

  9. Actually, let me add something else (after looking closely at the picture again): could you photoshop something that has the bangs and your hair tied back? That might look pretty good.

  10. Would you grant me bangs of I started growing a mustache?

  11. Certainly. But, only if bangs and upward-twirled stache actually connected somewhere along your temples.

  12. No. No. No!!


  13. hey girl!!

    I am in a similar situation myself right now (with the bangs that is) and think this blog is a such a great idea!!

    Bangs or no bangs??

    mmmmmm….no bangs

    But they might look cute if you straightened your hair. The difference in texture is what throws me i think. wavey hair….straight bangs….but if the wave is natural and you don’t straighten regularly ….then i’m gonna have to stick with a no

  14. No no – I am never going to straighten my hair – I am currently using olive oil (very little olive oil) to nourish my hair, and even that – to my surprise – is not making it straighter – but more curly.

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