Blogging Cancelled Due to Insurmountable Workload

October 8, 2007 at 9:03 pm | Posted in Blogging | 2 Comments
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It’s 5 to 10 pm and I have just returned from my first day of editorial training. Wow! It’s going to be tough, but as I had hoped for, there is also going to be plenty to learn. The workload for today – including homework – comprised:
_describing a person indirectly by describing the environment where he or she works. We were given two lines which had just one word different: “The waiter/waitress [Bedienung] shuffled from table to table” and “The waiter/waitress [Bedienung] fluttered from table to table.”
_compiling a list with synonyms of ‘to go’ (our group had 189)
_writing a short feature about the first day of the training (3000 characters)
_writing a newsflash about the first day of the training (10 lines)
_drafting a list with the deadly sins of journalistic writing
_starting on a presentation about possible multimedia products for the publishing house, due on Wednesday

This means: No time for blogging!


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  1. That’s right – but drinking won’t fill up my blog.

  2. Oh God!! Hope u r not too stressed out…

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