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October 7, 2007 at 11:08 am | Posted in Popular Culture | 4 Comments
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Here is a movie that is probably going to please the taste of all ye chav haters out there: This is England, directed by Shane Meadows. Excerpt from a plot summary on

This is England: Mods, New Romantics, and Skinheads are the major youth sub-cultures of this very English summer of 1983 and young 12-year-old Shaun is left wandering aimlessly alone and lost during the start of his school holidays, until his chance meeting with Woody and his fun and friendly Skinhead pack. Finding a new lease of life; girls, parties, Ben Sherman shirts, Doc Martin boots and shaven hairstyles young Shaun is welcomed, life during this summer holiday has got a whole lot better. That is until Combo arrives on the scene bitter, dangerous, racist, militant and psychotic life for young Shaun has just approached his first major crossroads. This is England is a look back at the early eighties of British working-class life through the eyes of young Shaun and his new gang, and dealing with the bitterness of outside influences such as racism and xenophobia, of mass unemployment and the fall out of the Falkland’s War; Thatcher’s Britain: Did we ever have it so good? When you see Shaun, ask Him.

Recommended by Pingo2000, who also no longer blogs.


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  1. I love chavs! I think everyone should have a chav as their friend.

    Re: Shane Meadows, he also did Dead Man’s Shoes which is pretty grim (didn’t we watch that together at J.’s, when you were in Edinburgh? He’s got it on DVD and I’ve seen it there.

    Never did see This is England, though it much appealed to me at the time.

    Another one to look out for is ‘Made in Britain’ – I think that’s the first film Tim Roth starred in.

  2. will try and watch MiB; I don’t think I recall watching a movie at J’s, wasn’t it only bits and pieces from a festival on the telly, and, ah, something about massage?

  3. That’s good because:
    See also:

  4. My mate recently gave me a book saying it was about me because it had my name in the title. It isn’t at all but it’s probably the funniest book I’ve ever read and has a chav as the main character. It’s called “It’s Mawdsley” and should be read by everybody with a sick sense of humour.

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