Update: News from the Application Dreadmill*

October 5, 2007 at 1:11 am | Posted in job search | Leave a comment
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Last week: 1 application sent out, no rejections, no invitations
This week: 5 applications sent out, 1 rejection, no invitations


*) The correct spelling is treadmill. The first time I used the word dreadmill it was both a mistake and a Freudian slip; ‘dread’ is a strong feeling of fear or worry 🙂

treadmill, n.
1 [S] any type of repeated work which is boring and tiring and seems to have no positive effect and no end:
There were days when child-rearing seemed like an endless treadmill of feeding, washing and nappy-changing.

2 [C] an exercise machine which consists of a moving strip or two step-like parts on which you walk without moving forward

3 [C] a wide wheel turned by the weight of people climbing on steps around its edge, used in the past to provide power for machines or, more usually, as a punishment for prisoners

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