The Dark Side of Social Media: The Corporate Zombies Keep Coming Back

October 4, 2007 at 7:29 am | Posted in Work | 7 Comments
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Yuk. On (which is something like LinkedIn catering mainly for German speaking countries, i.e. pretending to be a business network, but it’s really just a Facebook for adults) I just stumbled over the profile of one of the most insane persons I have ever met in a company environment. A woman with a massive inferior complex who kept making jokes about people with a university degree, basically because she couldn’t get over the fact that she didn’t have one.

Whenever my favourite colleague and I used words that remotely sounded academic, she would scowl at us, and then jump at the next opportunity to diss academics in a conversation with one of the poor apprentices, who called her ‘Mama Ragna’ (that was not her name), not knowing that her embrace was as motherly as that of a killer octopus. It was usually the same story she invoked, about academics being sooo smart, but too dumb to tie their shoe laces, etc. Of course the apprentices did not dare to disagree, even though most of them started studying after doing their apprenticeship.

We were sitting at desks facing each other, and because she didn’t dare to play her stupid mind games openly, she would sent me emails instead, telling me that I should stop acting the way I acted (whatever that was supposed to mean; being better educated, I guess) and asking me how I felt, only to use this as an opportunity to tell me how she felt, which was: neglected and ridiculed by my colleague’s and my behaviour.

We usually had to work extra hours, because it was impossible to cope with the work load: Apart form calling us project managers, our boss had also provided to make us do time-consuming tasks that normally get done by the intern or an assistant, such as mailing product shots to arbitrary advertising agencies who were asking for them via mail or phone. That was his way of keeping us small.

It happened a couple of times in these late hours that she waited until everybody else had left and then started shouting at me, really making a scene in front of me, as if we were in a relationship (of horror): How I never thought of her and how I should mind her feelings and what have you. Every now and again she tried to make a lunch date with me. Even though the company was somewhere in the very outskirts where you only could go to the same in-house canteen, and only with colleagues, people there had the bad habit to make lunch dates, so you could never just go to the canteen, but had to find yourself a lunch date partner first. I soon hated lunch time.

I, my favourite colleague and the women from the department right next to us dreaded lunch dates with Ragna, as she only tried to manipulate people for her cause, whatever her cause was. So whenever she had forced one of us to go on a lunch date with her, the others were so wise as to not make other arrangements, and then asked whether they could join. Ragna wasn’t quite able to see through this scheme, but sensed that there was something going on and paranoid as she was, this only increased her feeling that everyone else was out to get her, or looking down on her.

So I found her ugly mug on now. I visited her profile, in the hope that she will notice that I did, and also note that I did NOT ask her to be my business contact. I even hope that she is going to ask me, so that I can turn down her request 🙂 Ah, fantasies of omnipotence.


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  1. I have two degree and a master but I not care a bit. Nor do I talk of it. Much time has passed since then and it seem unimportant. Being educated do not mean so much unless you don’t have it, like you say. But flipside true also. If you have it, why be insecure? No need flout it. We have saying ?who is clever man carpenter or doctor {manual man or university man}? We say it depend if you want chair or not!! See??? I like that message.

  2. By the by I think you seem nice lady so if this Ragna lady got broom up ass (?) she may need therapy not fighting. I know where this hostility come from, we got it in Barcelona too you know. Once it was important to have degree and then it not so important any more. People in company used to pay graduate more than school leaver and while graduate brighter (more clever) they lack work experience and many not so good in workplace. Immature (sp?). This lead to backlash and degree not so good now. Seen as personal thing not so good in workplace anymore. Maybe same in Austria?? I don’t know much about other places.

  3. We certainly weren’t toting our degrees. We simply had them (like half of the people bearing budget responsibility in that company – which is a relatively low figure), and she happened to know about it. She was paranoid and insecure.

  4. Oops, your 2nd post came in while I replied.

    She kept going on about exactly what you described: very clever (she’d have said: they think they’re so clever), but don’t know anything about what’s really going on in the business world.

    She might as well have kept that view, if only she had stopped shouting at me when everyone had left. I never shouted back though.

    In Austria, degrees are EVER important – although this story happened in Germany, and Ragna would either have needed therapy or gotten her act together and GET a degree. People with work experience can finish a Bachelor in one year in some universities.

    Instead, she decided to give birth to a child.

  5. Haha! This is another issue indeed!! Yes, yes. Women here do that too. They have baby and all the world grinds to halt and relatives they all think it the greatest event since invention of (I don’t know) ?condom? Yet, lady just spread her legs. Hoho big deal. Hookers do that and they get paid. Hell, even my dog she do that too. It don’t take no work. Yet you get degree and nobody care because they think you snob .

  6. Of course I didn’t mean it that way and left an apology on his blog. I don’t think I made any comments about him being gay? That would not be very typical of me and would surprise me indeed.

  7. I didn’t imply that you were hitting upon her, sir. Merely that you are hardly inept with the opposite sex.
    If anything, you put yourself down and make life hard for yourself.
    One day a black transit van will pull up suddenly alongside you as you trudge home from work and you’ll be dragged in the back by men in black balaclavas.
    But don’t panic – Anaj & myself have arranged a treat for you. Designed to loosen you up.
    Your captors will dump you in an erotic carnivale of delights, akin to Harry Haller’s strange journey in Steppenwolf. Your hosts will take you wherever your body desires and you will have plenty to write about later.
    You can thank us later.

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