And people still freak if the borders of ethnicity get blurred

October 1, 2007 at 8:24 am | Posted in Culture | 43 Comments
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Laren Galloway has a good Scottish surname. His parents are from New Orleans and the fact that they are both African-Americans and have produced a blue-eyed baby seems to have caused some irritation. The pictures taken by and published on the website of photographer Terry Green have been circulating on the web for a while now. Why it is the photographer who holds the copyright or why it was him and not the parents who started a corresponding (sparsely filled) blog is beyond me, but I noted with interest the discussion that the pictures seem to have spawned, in particular in the black community. Somebody on Black Chat UK writes:

What a weird looking baby…poor thing looks like he has some eye defect or something! He would have been MUCH cuter if he did not have that eye colour

Somebody else snatched the pictures from Terry Green’s site and turned it into a youtube movie – also here the story was met ambiguously. The person who uploaded the movie writes:

man,most of you are disgusting and pathetic.i cant even put a picture up of a precious baby without people making racist comments.ive have 2 erase like 12 comments and some people were trying 2 turn the comment section into a race forum. ridiculous.

In places like Cape Town, which has a sad history of apartheid, but an even longer history of interracial relationships, you see people in all colours and combinations of skin and hair – the blond, green eyed girls among the Cape Coloureds were my favourite ones to look at, as they give you a sense of what people would look like if there wasn’t such a thing as racial bias. Yet how odd that a baby like this Laren Galloway can cause such confusion!

Maybe this is just a photoshop stunt of an artist. That’d be cool, an intervention to expose racial bias in both black and white people.


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  1. Racism in this era seems incredibly retarded.

    Surely only chavs, royalty, US Presidents and ‘people reared by TV’ are racist?

    I can understand a person who was raised by the Jerry Springer show becoming a foaming at the mouth, gun-toting hillbilly, with a 20 stone 7 year old and a lobotomy, but the rest of the world has no such excuse, have they?

  2. this little child is a miracle of god he is in good health his eyes are particular and so thank god

  3. I have seen the video of Laren, and believe he’s gorgeous!!! he’s a true little angel and he’s eyes weren’t meant to be brown or black, God wanted him like that.
    And it’s a shame that people,don’t just let the nature do it’s work, why does everyone has something to say about people who are a bit different?
    it shouldn’t affect their lives now should it?
    everyone is talking about channging the word and the people in it, but why not start with yourself?

  4. I wish _more_ people would take about changing the world (I rather have the impression that we are in the middle of a backlash where people have become too saturated to even bother) and more of those who talk would take some action! You’re absolutely right – anyone can start with him or herself.

  5. This baby is beautiful………..i dont get why people are like that…..saying those type of comments about blacked colored people……..or any other type of skin color………it all disgusts me how some people think…….i only wished people like that wouldnt exist……

  6. What???
    Jesus, i’ve seen some black people with light eyes, but…
    I’ve never seen eyes like that, even in white people. Those are the bluest eyes i’ve ever seen…

  7. This is a message from an African brothe living in the Middle East. It is wrong to judge someone by the color of their skin. But history shows that we, coloured people are more racist than white people, because we also hate ourselves… Usher is only attractive to some insecure youngsters, or young blacks who have a low self esteem/expectation of themselves. We coloured people love to show of and make dram when we feel not being ecepted by the majority… That’s a fact. Would you girls really fall for him if he was cleaning at McDonalds…. hihihi…. Both of them aren’t attractive, to be honest. So, they match well. Love his music, but only when it is written by babyface. His mother probably has many sleepless nights asking herself: “where did I went wrong”?. We Africans know this phenomenon. She gave him all,…except motherlove. So he will look for it somewhere else. Can you imagine? Tameka is almost as old as his mother, has already 5 children from 2 different guys and the 6th and upcoming 7th are from Usher. Family tragedy or curse we would also call it back home in Nigeria. Because blacks are always jealous at themselve, …wherever you may go. I have seen it from Belgium, Texas to Korea because of my job I travel sometimes. Nevertheless: keep them songs coming up, bro. Let it burn…!

  8. interesting comment, thanks for stopping by! I remember a time in south africa when I was visiting at a south african school, and the little girls were admiring the long (straight) hair of a (white) american girl – “so pretty!” We told them “but you’re pretty, too!” (and they were sooo cute!) It broke my heart when they replied, solemnly: “No, we’re ugly.”

    • wow…that is truly sad…
      look at
      it’s an enormous community in brazil that teaches the value of the black people!!

  9. Laren is adorable, I saw a few videos of children in Africa with blue eyes like this. One even had one full blue eye and the other was literally half brown half blue (Like in the movie The Unborn). Anyway, I saw once on a TV show that taking some antibiotics while pregnant can cause this to happen (It was a show on Paternity, and the father doubted the baby was his because both parents had brown eyes and the Doctor offered that explanation and the DNA proved the child was his, Not saying Laren isn’t just truly blessed, just saying he is not the only one like this).

    Anyway, I wanted to point out that the comment by: Comment by Habib — October 27, 2008 #
    Is obviously a total fake. You aren’t black and are clearly on here trying to stir up some racial tension. We do not call ourselves “Coloured” or a “Brothe”. (I believe he was trying to write brother or brotha, either way we don’t call ourselves that). I think it’s quite funny that this person has a deep seeded issue with Usher to come and write about it on a site like this that has absolutely nothing to do with the marriage of Usher and Tameka. Get a life “Habib” or whoever you are, LOL
    Side note: The grammatical wreck in your post “Habib” shows that you clearly aren’t educated enough to have a job that would have you “travel” anywhere.. Nice Try though.

    • dunno where he was from – in south africa, people still use the term “coloured” to distinguish between tribal blacks and people with a mixed race background; coming from that experience, it always confused me that, in the US, the slightest tint already makes you a “black” person. in south africa, obama would be considered coloured, not black.

  10. I would have to agree with Amy. i think that god wanted him to be like that. He is really and angel and a beautiful baby. I’ve also seen the video of him on youtube and i have it on my top and im going to add it to my myspace. Im going to ask my teacher if i can do a report on him. I don’t think that his eyes are fake and people saying that its been photoshoped or he has contacts on. NO!!! Thoes are his real eyes and i think that its a mircle that two black people can come out with an amazing baba with blue eyes. And to clear things up he is not mixed he is full blooded black. It is truely a miricle to see something like that. They must be really proud of their baby. May god bless the family and the baby in the years to come.

  11. I don’t think there is a single “full-blooded black” in the US – there’s been so much mixing of people since the days of slavery. Like I’ve written above – most black African Americans look like what would be considered coloured in South Africa. Few tribals features. It’s not just about literal baclness. The lightest skinned Africans are probably Xhosa or (what’s left of) the Khoi-San – but then they have features you rarely find in the US.

  12. He is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. He is gorgeous.

  13. laren is a sweet baby with such a wonderful eyes that i cannot tell oderwise how I was when i first saw his pictures I was amazed by the beauty!!!!!!!

  14. what is it with ppl and this whole race thing? Here in trinidad we are so accustomed seeing afro-trinis with green eyes, hazel eyes, etc. what’s the big deal. The baby is sooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute!!
    I wish him and his family all the best.

  15. TO DIGIOM: You’re so right! Who’s full-blooded black these days in the U.S.? There are really very few tribal features. If they would go back to Kenya or any other part for example they would be referred to as ‘matisse’ or mixed.

    Besides, everybody has melanin in their skins, except albinos, which accounts for the brown skin tones. White ppl have melanin and ‘black’ ppl have melanin as well. Are we really that different physiologically?

  16. I think this baby is beyond beautiful, but as previously stated he isn’t the first black child i’ve seen with blue eyes. Over 8yrs ago, when I was 14 I saw a 2yr old little girl with blue eyes like that. It tripped me out at first, and then I saw her father who had the exact same colored eyes. I think it’s a wonderful thing, and it’s ignorant for people to judge another because of their skin hair or eye color. God made us all inviduals, and to look the way we do for a reason. It baffles me that people are still so damn petty, and can’t let things go.

  17. His eyes are so beautiful!! as long as he has full sight in both eyes and is a happy and healthy baby with loving family, that is all that matters!! Not everyone is blessed to be born healthy!

    • why shouldn’t he have full sight? blue eyes in a black child are NOT the sign of a disease!

  18. That is not at all what i was insinuating or suggesting!!! you are taking my words out of context!! All i said is that as long as the child is healthy and has perfect sight the colour of his eyes are irrelevant. My nephew is half Nigerian and half Australian and is gorgeous, but has an eye condition called Peters anomaly, so not all people are born lucky enough to be full sighted, my comment had nothing to do with his race!!

    • Alright, I understand know why it was important to you to point out the connection between eye colour and health.

      • That’s ok, i was just trying to say that having a baby born safe and sound is the most important thing!! his blue eyes are just amazing! i really didn’t mean that his race or eye colour and skin could affect his health 🙂

  19. that kid is gonna be a mac when he is older. Who wouldn’t fall for eyes like that?

  20. It is true this child might have the syndrome that causes deafness and skin irratations such as exzema. I know this b/c I too am black and have natural and real blue eyes. i wasn’t born with them my eyes didnt turn blue until i was about 2 months old says my black parents and the pictures they took. I do not have the syndrome but at 24 i do have vision problems with my eyes and have to wear contacts and glasses and about a year ago I was told most likely within the next 12 years I will go blind in my right eye. I also ahve a sever allergy to sun and the way a sun glare makes my eyes burn. I’m sure this baby is going to go through the same thing. Even white people with blue eyes go through this the lighter the eye the bigger the problem. i hope that everyone would just say a quick prayer for him b/c having to face blindness and deafness would be said espicially in a family taht has dealt with so much already.

  21. laren is such an amazing little boy. i believe its just God dat gave him dose eyes nothing else. hes perharps d most adorable baby av ever seen. wish i had 1 like u. lol

  22. Blue, this kid WAS born with blue eyes, no need to make it appear as though blue eyes in black kid are so outrageous that it must be a disease. Sorry about your condition – even so, it is just not true that blue eyes must lead to blindness.

  23. The combination of both colors is AMAZING – i have is sweet cute face on my desktop… Wowwww!!!! he is sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee…..Good job Mom&Dad… keep on the good work 🙂

  24. this baby is so cute. but did anyone stop to think vanessa williams i black and she has blue eyes. yes she is mixed but why is it so odd or better yet why does it have to be a race thing when a black person gets something that is only known to a white man to get!? but yeah cute baby

  25. This baby is sooooo ahhhh there no name for it god bless him And to everyone that is hatin on his eyes or color soo what his black with blues eyes he’s beautiful…

  26. genes are genes. if we would stop ignoring history, and stop falling asleep in biology class, we could stop acting so mystified when a Black person has some different features. The Black gene pool, especially in the West, is the most diverse(according to geneticists and genealogists).

    Yes the constrast of blue against brown is interesting, but really the child is beautiful regardless of eye color.

  27. This boy is going to have a loooooooooot of girlfriends someday, I predict.

  28. Well, Vanessa Williams has blue eyes. Rihanna has green eyes. Many (non-mulatto) black people I know have hazel eyes. What is so hard to believe that this baby’s eyes are blue? I think it’s sick that some people think he has contacts. But I guess it just goes to show how ignorant the world is. Anyway, Laren is a beautiful baby. Congratulations to the parents 🙂

    • fully agree with you, Cindy.

      • I received this email from my dad in southamerica and is going around claiming to be a rare occurance that only happens one in a million.most people think is photoshopped.I know they are real, i see it everyday.

  29. Blue eyes or not.. He is a really beautiful baby. : )

  30. He’s Gorgeous & people try to say he has a syndrome..sayin that if he’s dark-sinned with blue eyes he has the tendacy to be deaf -_- i doubt that becuase i’ve known plenty dark-skinned black boys with pretty eyes, my next door neighbors son is black with grey eyes & his parents are really dark lol

    • @pizza92 only vile people can come up with such ideas… i guess it’s because white cats, if they have blue eyes, are more likely to be deaf in comparison to white cats with green, yellow or two differently colored eyes. but these cats are the results of inbreeding and such a comparison is indeed as vile as vile can get.

  31. I Think he’s really cute with that color eyes.

  32. This baby boy is beautiful and i have been following him for a while now, and he seems to be growing healthy. i dont see no hearing ad in his ear nor anything wrong with his eyes but a little spot of brown in one of his eyes… I am mixed with hazel eyes and my son’s father is blk with dark brown eyes and we created a little boy that now has pale green eyes… But it was not like that at first… he was born with grey eyes then they turned totally blue until 2 years old.. I can honestly say he gets a lot of attention because of it… I honestly believe god is trying to tell us that we are all connected rather we believe it or not…..

  33. He is a gorgeous kid with or w/o the blue eyes! and yes if was my age I would tap that! LOL… just kidding

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