And people still freak if the borders of ethnicity get blurred

October 1, 2007 at 8:24 am | Posted in Culture | 43 Comments
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Laren Galloway has a good Scottish surname. His parents are from New Orleans and the fact that they are both African-Americans and have produced a blue-eyed baby seems to have caused some irritation. The pictures taken by and published on the website of photographer Terry Green have been circulating on the web for a while now. Why it is the photographer who holds the copyright or why it was him and not the parents who started a corresponding (sparsely filled) blog is beyond me, but I noted with interest the discussion that the pictures seem to have spawned, in particular in the black community. Somebody on Black Chat UK writes:

What a weird looking baby…poor thing looks like he has some eye defect or something! He would have been MUCH cuter if he did not have that eye colour

Somebody else snatched the pictures from Terry Green’s site and turned it into a youtube movie – also here the story was met ambiguously. The person who uploaded the movie writes:

man,most of you are disgusting and pathetic.i cant even put a picture up of a precious baby without people making racist comments.ive have 2 erase like 12 comments and some people were trying 2 turn the comment section into a race forum. ridiculous.

In places like Cape Town, which has a sad history of apartheid, but an even longer history of interracial relationships, you see people in all colours and combinations of skin and hair – the blond, green eyed girls among the Cape Coloureds were my favourite ones to look at, as they give you a sense of what people would look like if there wasn’t such a thing as racial bias. Yet how odd that a baby like this Laren Galloway can cause such confusion!

Maybe this is just a photoshop stunt of an artist. That’d be cool, an intervention to expose racial bias in both black and white people.

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