Back on the application dreadmill

September 25, 2007 at 11:14 am | Posted in Blogging | 10 Comments
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As of today, I started out again on writing applications. I had stopped after my erroneous assumption that I had found me a job – which unfortunately led to my letting pass the application deadline for a job with the Fulbright Commission that sounded interesting. So that’s one lesson learned – don’t stop applying until you’ve really started work on a job. And if you’re really keen on carving out a career for yourself, then probably don’t even stop until the probation period is over.

Also, in the age of the blogging era, you need to prepare for the event that the recruiter is going to copy excerpts of your covering letter and publish them on the blogosphere: This is something that friend Lenina just did – I guess the applicants in question can be grateful that she decided not to publish their names. More to the point, she probably thinks they should be grateful anyway, because she is only teaching them a valuable lesson.

I have known her for more than ten years now (RL, that is) and have been reading her blog for a while, but her tendency to reiterate her superiority in virtually every post she publishes has since long started to annoy me. It’s probably more annoying for me than for the average reader because I have been knowing her for such a long time and am therefore not inclined to bow down before her super-brain (but rather simply appreciate it for what it is – there are tons of intelligent people out there and I wouldn’t know why to single one out especially), or because I know her boyfriend and am therefore pretty alienated by the way he gets slagged off by her frequently.

I generally believe in kindness, even though I know that there are demons in all of us, also in me, and that there is a certain tendency in the human animal to make him or herself bigger than others, and also that this is an effective means to boost your own ego. But those methods are unsound, I think, truly unsound.

All in all: This also raises another issue, or at least leads me to the observation that a blogosphere persona and a real life person do of course not have to be the same (it’s understood they’re not!), and that it can be quite challenging if you know the two of them. After all, back in the days of the paper diary, you wouldn’t have wanted to read all your friends’ diaries either, would you?*

*) Maybe you would have wanted to, but I doubt you would enjoyed all of it. You don’t have to hear everything people are saying about you behind your back, I don’t think…


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  1. The problem is that you have to communicate your anger somehow. If I couldn’t vent my anger on my blog, thus getting rid of it, I would have to act upon my feelings, i.e. leave my boyfriend.

    Slagging him off means I can get rid of my anger and all the shit that I have to put up with. Stuff that other people would probably not put up with BTW, but which I rarely talk about to anyone, not even on my blog.

  2. and it’s treadmill, not dreadmill (unless this was a pun 👿 )

  3. It would be utterly misguided if I gave you any advice on how to go about this; but if I did, and in the blandest possible way, I’d say: Hey, that’s definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. By which I mean: properly addressed, not temporarily settled by venting one’s anger.

    Doesn’t mean that you’d have to share my ‘code of ethics’, but believing in kindness for me also entails to not believe in anger.

  4. Dreadmill looks good to me 🙂

  5. If I left him, I’d get rid of it!

    I don’t believe in kindness for kindness’ sake. I believe that anger is healthy and useful as long as it’s channelled correctly (though I admit I haven’t got the channelling quite worked out yet – ideally it needs channelling into exercise or creative stuff, neither of which I currently have time for – hence, I vent it on my blog).

  6. (there might be measures between anger and leaving him, but I really should shut up now – your department)

    I guess I do believe in kindness for kindness’ sake. Whether this is to blame on my Christian upbringing, Friedrich Schiller’s Letters upon the Æsthetic Education of Man (I’d like to think the latter – ) or just the fact that my parents’ fights traumatized me when I was little 🙂

    But it’s certainly not a very Germanic trait, no it isn’t.

  7. it’s funny that you mention your parents’ fights. I don’t remember my parents ever fighting, but there was a lot of suppressed hatred beneath the surface. They divorced when I was 12. There was neither love nor hatred between them, just coldness and suppressed anger.

    Maybe that has influenced my own behaviour. Either way I quite stubbornly defend my angry and arrogant ways and will continue to do so, seeing that it saved me from turning the hatred against myself (which I practised frequently when I was younger).

    Anyhow, better get to work now 😐

  8. Om shanti, baheen!

  9. I couldn’t agree more with your wise words, Void.

    Let the anger go. Don’t let it hold on to you.

  10. Thanks for this rather enlightening digest on rage, anger and mayhem.

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